industry President Dieter Kempf has accused the economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) failures and prompted him to increased efforts for the economy.

“The Minister has decided to do more to strengthen the competitiveness of the location Germany”, said the BDI-President of the German press Agency. “This is especially true because of the alarm signals for our economy are now obvious.”

Previously, had been accused of medium-sized companies, Altmaier, in the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper” inaction. Kempf, President of the Federal Association of German industry (BDI) criticised also, “highly ambitious climate protection targets” were not with the head through the wall, but only in accordance with economic efficiency and security of supply. “In the case of energy costs, the prices shoot through the ceiling.”

Meanwhile, Germany is in a comparison of the cost of industrial electricity third most expensive country among more than 100 locations around the world. “The last year for this January from the Minister of the announced cost of power summit, we can, meanwhile, continue to wait. The impatience of companies is growing from day to day.”

The BDI-President complained also, in many business associations and, in particular, in the SME sector some of the content of Altmaier, presented the “National industrial strategy” for irritation. “The middle class comes in the strategy with a view to its importance in reality.” The participation of facility in the public sector to the inflow of foreign investment, thought the threat of market economic principles.

Altmaier, had submitted in February, an industry strategy. He wants to, if necessary, secure government support jobs in Germany. In very important cases, the state could occur “for a limited period of time as the acquirer of company shares,” said Altmaier. The creation of a Fund to come into consideration. In view of the increasing competition on world markets, especially from China Altmaier had said also, in the competition between Asia, the United States and Europe, the creation of new “national and European Champions was” not necessary.

“The Federal Minister of Economics must be first and foremost a Minister for the economy,” said Kempf. “He should ensure that it is the economy that decides which investments in the economic sense. Only the fits to the Social market economy.”

Reluctant to expressed Altmaier, President of the German chambers of industry and Commerce (DIHK), Eric Schweitzer. Schweitzer said on Reuters request, the Federal Minister of economic Affairs had for decades, in the respective Federal government in a difficult position. “This is also true for the current Federal government. That is why it is all the more important to focus on the Central issues of economic policy and the strengthening of the competitiveness of German companies. There is, in view of the growth of a lot of weakness currently, from the point of view of the economy on the table.”

Fierce criticism of the total metal was chief Executive Oliver Zander. “The Federal Minister of economy, has no concept, neither for the energy transition for the economy as a whole,” said Zander, the Newspapers of the Funke media group. The industry expect that Altmaier’s commitment to “good economic conditions, and present rather than plan for economic industrial strategies”. Zander called for less bureaucracy, the limitation of the social security contributions at 40 percent, lower labor costs, the preservation of the property for no reason with a time limit, and a modern working time act.

Also, the President of the foreign trade Association BGA, Holger Bing man, was critical: “I must warn you, as a response to the aggressive national industrial policies in the United States and China from the current model of success abandoning a national industrial strategy, which seems to have a state intervention to the target,” he told the newspaper “die Welt” (Tuesday). The contract with the legitimate charges of protectionism on the other.

FDP-Chef Christian Lindner said the “world”: “When the family farms and feel as the backbone of our country is not represented, is the crisis of confidence is almost a risk to the Economy.” SPD politician Johannes Kahrs was, however, behind Altmaier and said the “New osnabrück newspaper”, the Minister was doing “a good Job”. He had seen him as a politician who “calmly and diligently” work and “unpretentious” results of the national.


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