drones? No Drones? Yes, Drones! About a week after the drone-noise actions via the London Gatwick airport, the police is groping in the search for the perpetrators and the motive in the dark. The investigators are strong in the criticism, the police gives such a bad impression that members of Parliament are now demanding that Scotland Yard should take over the investigation.

The police have already apologized for their “poor communication”. So far, the work looked like this: The police arrested a suspicious Couple, the identities of the two came to the press, were published, then it turned out that the man has not only an interest in drones, a motive, there was, the police let the Couple go. The man and the woman were innocent.

police to Gatwick, But no drones? Yes, Drones!

immediately afterwards, the police announced that it had maybe given no drones, when used in the vicinity to be pushed on the warning lights on a crane, not on drones. But in the meantime the police of drones. Nearly 200 sightings, and it is given, reported the British news Agency PA.

Currently, the investigators have obtained dozens of statements – including from the airport personnel. The police themselves spoke publicly, as yet, only of the “numerous sightings” relating to “37 subsequent events”. It was even discovered in a destroyed drone, the seventh largest airport in Europe. Investigators hope for new clues.

the airport back in operation

Two Suspects after a drone Alarm in Gatwick detained – are environmentalists?


they Also gave it a note out of it: Who have got for Christmas a drone as a gift, you should try the device in the vicinity of an Airport, police warned. In the case of a breach to a fine and a prison sentence of up to five years, threatened.

members of Parliament: Scotland Yard is to

apply The opaque police work calls the first members of Parliament on the Plan. Several members, including John Woodcock requested that Scotland Yard should be used to the investigation or the case, even from the police of Sussex. The Labour politician Lord Harris of Haringey, the House of Lords demanded to be left in such a case, the elite investigators of the country.

The arrested Couple was apparently only under suspicion because the man was enthusiastic about drones. After his release, the two languages with the press. “We feel totally violated,” said the 47-Year-old crying. He and his partner are now receiving medical treatment. Neighbors and his employer had described him previously as absolutely reliable.

reward for whistleblowers

The Airport had been closed due to the drones-Alarm before the Christmas holidays; about 1000 flights with 140,000 passengers fell. At the weekend, the normal, then started again.

Airport CEO Stewart Wingate had spoken of a “precisely planned activity,” which should shut down the airport.

in the mysterious case of progress, there are important witnesses or whistleblowers a reward of a total of 60,000 pounds (the equivalent of approximately 66,000 Euro): of The Gatwick airport was £ 50,000, and a member of Parliament, £ 10,000.

sources: REUTERS, “Telegraph”, “Daily Mail”, “Mirror”

feh / DPA

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