The case of the election of the CDU party chair, almost losing candidate, Friedrich Merz, has confirmed its willingness, in return the policy. “I have renewed my offer to really go all out in the policy, and my previous professional activity to give up,” said Merz, of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.

On the question of whether he could imagine to take office as a Federal Minister, said the former Union leader: “in such A position I would trust me because of my experience in the economy and politics.” The decision is not for the sun but in his Hand, but was “a matter for the Chancellor”. The relationship between Merz and Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is considered to be tense.

“Very good and trusting” interview

Merz confirmed, with the new CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer talked about how his involvement in the CDU would be possible. It had been a “very good and trusting” conversation, and its content is, however, confidentiality had been agreed.

report on cooperation

Merz offers Kramp-karrenbauer seem to help, but wants to remain in the economy


Merz dismissed reports that he was in his speech at the Hamburg Congress on January 7. December has been put at a disadvantage. Among other things, there had been rumors that the microphone was quieter, rotated, while Merz gave his candidate’s speech for the presidency. In addition, there had been speculation that the headlights had been hot. He could start with these rumors, “absolutely nothing,” said Merz of the “FAZ”. “The competition for the CDU presidency was fair.”

Friedrich Merz criticized their own appearance,

The former Union leader confessed that his appearance had weaknesses. “From the look back considered, I should have been free to speak – but it was certainly also on my form on the day that the contents have not been optimally over.” In terms of content, he would say “nothing else”.

An integration of Merz is, in particular, by the conservative and business wings of the CDU is required. The Secretary-General of the CDU economic Council, Wolfgang Steiger, warned again about to move on Merz. “I am pleased that wants to bring Friedrich Merz more active,” Steiger said the düsseldorf “Rheinische Post”.

voters will show skepticism towards Merz

the Federal government and the party leadership should involve Merz wise. To go “about 48 percent of the delegates and the broad approval of the party base for Friedrich Merz in the past weeks, regional conferences, and basic votes, would have fatal consequences,” said Steiger. “These dedicated members of the need to involve the CDU strongly, if you want to win serious elections in the spring.”


CDU party Congress

Like Friedrich Merz, ultimately, to his own 15-year-old time-out

Dieter Hoß

failed However, many Germans see as a Minister for Merz with skepticism. According to a survey by the opinion research Institute INSA for the “image”newspaper (Paid-content) are 40 percent of the respondents, however, that Merz is the current Federal Minister. Only a quarter (25 per cent) is in favour of a Minister for the 63 -. In the case of the Union voters, 41 percent are of the opinion that Merz, the Federal government should be a Minister. 32 percent are against it. The remaining respondents have no clear opinion or no reply.

For the INSA-opinion trend from the 13. until the 17th century. December 2077 people interviewed. The maximum statistical error tolerance is reported to be 2.5 percentage points.

sources: FAZ, RP-Online, image

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