A particularly moving story from South Australia is widely used in the world. There, the Non-Profit organization “the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” (RSPCA) had to make a difficult decision, and four dogs put to sleep. The dogs were suffering from a mental Trauma that was not treated.

last October, the Border Collies were rescued from a breeding. On the site, the rescuers found the 300 animals, the breeders, however, had only a license for 100 dogs. At the time, ten to the pregnant Collies were rescued. It gave breeding no indication that the animals benefit, or spout got. They were only used in the context of a large-scale commercial puppy breeding. The breeders were charged with 17 points.

< p > “heartbreaking decision” for the employees

The RSPCA had set itself the target to treat the dogs: “Everyone would have liked to see that you can live a full life without Fears and Stress,” – said in a Statement. But in the end, four of the ten rescued Collies had to be put to sleep. It is a “heart-wrenching decision was” for the employees. 13 assistants to the veterinary doctors Teams had cared for the dogs for five months. To kill you it would not have been necessary to prolong the suffering of the animals unnecessarily. In a Statement, the RSPCA, the dogs have “behavior extremely anxious” to people and every interaction is avoided. In addition, they are unpredictable and unstable – and thus a threat to the safety of humans and other animals.

The other six dogs to stay in treatment. “We know that many dogs have a lot of time and attention, the opportunity to overcome their traumas”, explains the organization. With four dogs, this hope did not pan out.

sources : rspcasa.org, News.com, adelaidenow.com


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