The presiding judge Barbara judge-Zeininger looks up briefly, as she comes to a crucial point in your reasoning. In the full courtroom of the regional court Nuremberg-Fuerth, you’re looking at a number of people from the Franconian town of Schnaittach curious. You want to know why the live there a couple P. was murdered by the end of 2017 so brutal, particularly from your own son Ingo, the parents pampered always.

“It was for the defendant initially is simply no reason to kill his parents – and yet he has done it,” says the judge with a view to the just to life in prison if convicted 26-Year-old. Looks like a pretty boy, hard to imagine, as he’s struck with a carpenter’s hammer both parents in the head. A friendly face, disheveled curly hair, however, is striking.

Maybe p has, before the judgment, the hair struggled through what he has. Because he was driven, of which the judge is convinced. The driving force behind the double murder to life imprisonment sentenced Stephanie P was for you.. The unassuming 23-Year-old sits, pale, next to her husband.

That the two are married, is one of the oddities of the Case: For after Christmas 2017, the Couple reported her missing, the previously murdered the parents to get married a day later. The distrust of the police was quickly awakened, soon discovered, investigators in salt, in an extension of the parents ‘ house walled bodies.

Schnaittach: woman “manipulative, dominant and quick-tempered”

In the personality from Stephanie p., the judge of the origin of the attack is located after the Conviction. P. will is described as “insecure and naive”, but also “manipulative, dominant and quick-tempered”. “The chamber is convinced that the defendant avails itself of the falsehood, the lies the Manipulation begins,” says the judge.

the murder of Schnaittach

in a wall parents: daughter-in-law denies involvement in murder


Only a few months before the fact bandelte Stephanie with Ingo, you got fast with their dominance in the handle. A work colleague of him told of how the computer scientist was always silent in the course of the relationship. All of us knew that he had the life plan of a young marriage and quick starting a family – this should succeed with Stephanie P..

That the parents were suspected of the start of the process, against the relationship, it could not prove. A witness statement indicates skepticism. Accordingly, Ingo P. had asked his parents, what would you say if he is getting married soon and you would make great parents. Since the mother had asked him if he as spider – after all, he know his girlfriend but only for a short time.

these understandable reluctance on the part of a fresh relationship to the sentence of death of the parents, does not believe the judge. It was, therefore, to the fatal dependence, the Association of the Couple with each other. If the Revision is still open

Ingo I want Stephanie to marry. But he demands that she moves before him. His parents would not have rejected. Stephanie but I just want to move in when the parents are away. It had been clear that this would mean their murder. At the latest, a few weeks before the fact, you knew that your friend planned this specific.

the trial

a Young married couple, parents and concreted supposed to have killed. Then they led a TV crew around the house


As the judge, and their judgment has been completed, justification, remains to Stephanie P. for a few minutes on the dock to sit. She cries, pushing for help for your defender. He wants to make the Revision – if he thinks his client is also a chronic liar, he does not want to answer.

If Ingo P. makes a Revision, is open. According to the words of his defence lawyer he wants to be able to finally begin its work of mourning – a mourning for the beloved parents, whom he struck for a fatal love of the skull.

fin / Ralf the wall / AFP

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