A five-times mother got killed in an attempt to save four of your children. The accident occurred last Thursday in Bakersfield, California. At 2345, the local fire brigade was informed that a two-storey house was in flames. Eye witnesses reported that a woman in the building was. But any help came too late: The rescue workers were able to mountains, Kristina S. is only dead yet, so the use of the report.

A close friend of the family told the TV station CNN, Kristina S. had been with one of her daughters still on the road. When the mother returned home and the burning house saw, they ran immediately, to help their four children on the second floor, told Pastor Angelo Frazier, CNN. However, the flames would have included the 38-Year-old. At the same time, their children jumped, according to the report of the fire from the window. They were immediately brought to the hospital, but only suffered minor smoke poisoning.

tragedy in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz

Five people die in roof fire investigators have a suspect

DPA After the house fire call friends to make a donation to

The two youngest daughters and the son are now orphans. Because four years ago her father and the former husband of the woman died of cancer. The two oldest daughters are from a previous relationship and still have your father. But friends of the family are mainly concerned about the younger Three. “It is completely open how it goes the next weeks and years, now that both the father and the mother are deceased,” says Pastor Frazier. Within the municipality, the willingness to help is great. So members have to call on the Crowdfunding platform GoFundMe, a fundraising campaign for the eight -, nine -, and ten-year-old children. Also, a local car dealer is asking about Facebook its customers to help. Needed especially clothes and shoes.

Still, the cause of the fire is not elucidated. However, the chief of the local fire brigade pointed in the face of adversity, the residents of Bakersfield, once again, that every family should practice an escape plan. But whether such an escape would have held Kristina S. to their children from the flames to save?

sources: use of report / CNN


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