for Hours raged on Monday night, a fire in the Paris Cathedral of Notre-Dame. A long time it was unclear whether the Monument is to save in the heart of the French capital. Then the fire Department was initially cautious all-clear. The structure of the Cathedral was “saved”. The Gothic Church could be preserved “in their entirety”. On Tuesday morning, the emergency responders reported that the fire was completely deleted. The risk that the building collapses, but is not banned still. The damage to the cultural-historical buildings are immense.

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+++ 15.37 PM: Prosecutor: After the first Alarm at 18.20 no fire +++

discovered “What we know at this point, is that there by 18.20 at the first Alarm,” said public Prosecutor Remy Heitz. Only after the second Alarm to 18.43 p.m., the fire had been noticed in the roof.

+++ 15.20 PM: donation amount exceeds € 600 million +++

According to “Le Figaro” said, the sum of donations for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame, the cracked 600-million-Euro-limit. Several entrepreneurial families and big corporations have large sums of money in order to support the planned reconstruction of the Cathedral.

+++ 14.55 PM: ringing of Church bells to 18.50 PM +++

To 18.50 PM – 24 hours after discovery of the fire in Notre-Dame – will be ringing the bells of the cathedrals in France. This has been announced by the Catholic Church via Twitter. The bell-ringing is meant to Express solidarity with the affected diocese of Paris.

+++ 14.42 PM: Bulgaria offers money and restorers +++

Bulgaria has stated that after the fire, ready to support the reconstruction financially and restorers. Bulgaria’s offer of help had been sent to the French President, Emmanuel Macron, said the head of government Boiko Borisov in Sofia. Borisov, who used to be a firefighter, said he hopes that only negligence as the cause of the fire. “Notre Dame is a landmark Cathedral and in the time in which we are all waiting for the Easter holidays”, Borisov, according to a report by the state radio in Sofia. He praised the professional use of the French firefighters.

+++ 14.36 PM: 60-ton crane at the Cathedral +++

arrived, told The French newspaper “La Libération“, a 60-ton crane has arrived at the building. With the crane in the danger of collapse of the North facade of Notre should be reduced-Dame.

+++ 14.25 p.m.: “The hunchback of Notre-Dame” to the big fire on the bestseller list +++

The fire disaster has propelled a classic of French literature is back on the bestseller lists. During the extinguishing supply work in Paris, was the original French version of Victor Hugo’s “The hunchback of Notre Dame” in the Amazon Charts for best selling book in France. Worldwide, the English Translation of the novel at Amazon landed on the top of two bestseller lists for historical literature.

Also in Germany the interest in the novel is great. At German Amazon customer the book at noon on court two of the most popular literary classics. The Disney film adaptation of the substance was able to benefit from the worldwide interest in the Parisian point of interest: they made it into the Top Ten in the charts of the most popular family films.

+++ 14.20: Queen praises forces +++

The British Queen Elizabeth II has shaken the Notre-Dame-responding to fire. “I truly admire the forces who have risked their lives to save this important national monument,” said the 92-year-old Queen in London. Their eldest son, heir to the throne Prince Charles (70), wrote in a separate communication to the President of France Emmanuel Macron: To suffer with the people in France. Prince Charles referred to a major fire at Windsor castle in London 27 years ago. In November 1992, a fire had destroyed a significant part of the castle. The fire that had broken out in the chapel, destroyed rooms, nine state and severely damaged about 100 rooms. The reconstruction lasted for years; the fire protection was improved.

+++ 13.53 PM: experts discover vulnerability +++

experts have discovered a “number of weaknesses” in the Cathedral. These relate primarily to the vault, so the building ceiling, said interior Secretary of state, Laurent Nuñez. The gable had been secured. “On the Whole, the structure holds well.” In the course of hedging the historic Church, five houses had been cleared in the immediate neighborhood, said Nuñez. The houses are therefore in a narrow street just North of Notre-Dame. The protection work in the Interior of the badly damaged Cathedral is expected to take a statement from the Secretary of state for around 48 hours.

+++ 13.20 energy giant Total wants 100 million euros of donations +++

The oil company Total has announced plans to donate 100 million euros for the reconstruction of the Church. The promise of Total follows on from the Commitments from the families Arnault and Pinauld who want to donate 200 and 100 million euros.

+++ 13.10 clock: the transmitter moves because of Notre Dame large TV debate for the European elections +++

The French TV channel France 24 moves, because of the fire, the broadcast of the first big-screen duel for the European elections. The debate between the two leading candidates, Manfred Weber and Frans Timmermans, is to establish to forward as planned today evening in the European Parliament recorded in Strasbourg. The broadcast will not take place as planned, with a live, but delayed until tomorrow, said a spokesman for the transmitter. Previously, several French parties had communicated to the election campaign for the European elections because of the fire to temporarily suspend. The government party La République en Marche.

The German CSU politician, Weber is the top candidate of the conservative European party family, the EPP. The Dutchman Timmermans to lead the election campaign of the European socialists. Both of them want to follow after the election of Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the EU Commission.

+++ 13.02 PM: Ivorian the king wants for Notre-Dame-donations +++

in the distant Africa, will be taken after the fire disaster share: The king of Sanwi in the Southeast of the ivory coast wants to help because of it. “We are going to donate for the reconstruction of this Monument,” said Amon N’Douffou V. He had spent a bad night, the images of the great fire had haunted him in his sleep, said, Amon N’Douffou. At the same time, he recalled, that of Notre-Dame de Paris was a “strong connection” between his Kingdom and France. Because, in the Cathedral, a Prince of Sanwi on the name was about the year 1700 Louis Aniaba been baptized. A year later, the young man of king Louis XIV, was also included in the Cathedral, in the order of the star of Notre-Dame. Later, the Prince returned to his Ivorian home.

+++ 12.59 PM: Steinmeier calls for support for reconstruction +++

Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the citizens of Germany and Europe, called to assist in the rebuilding of the Cathedral. “It’s not just a big building, it is a major European landmark, a landmark of European culture, and an important document of European history”, said Steinmeier in Berlin. “France is at this hour not alone. The French are Europeans in this hour.” The images of the fire could anyone in Europe unaffected. The Federal President recalled that the President of Emmanuel Macron have still called in the night by the Europeans to participate in the reconstruction.

+++ 12.54 PM: members in fear of British Parliament +++

After the fire of Notre-Dame of the British members are afraid of a similar disaster in the Parliament in London. “Parts of the Palace of Westminster are as old as Notre-Dame. We need to ensure the fire protection … God knows we’ve had enough warnings,” tweeted the Labour MP Chris Bryant. The Labour MP, Anna Turley recalled, as a engineer, have shown for the first Time, the electrical cables in the Parliament. I looked in security and fire protection as a looming disaster. Less than two weeks ago, a meeting in the house of Commons had to be stopped because the water came from the ceiling.

the building on the river Thames with more than 1100 rooms, only the bare minimum patched for more than 60 years. The plaster is crumbling from the Ceilings, the Windows close properly, mice race through the corridors. In the basement, power cables and gas pipes, slopes, next to the ancient water-, ventilation – and heating pipes. Some installations date back to the 18th century. Century. After a great fire in 1834, three-quarters of the old Palace burnt down, everything was moved. An extensive renovation is to begin in a few years.

+++ 12.46 PM: investigators go more by accident +++

The Paris Prosecutor’s office assumes that the fire is based on an accident. “Nothing is currently in the direction of a deliberate act,” said the Paris Prosecutor Remy Heitz. The Prosecutor’s office had already confirmed on the night that the investigation is turning to a “unintentional destruction” by fire. According to Heitz witnesses to be heard. This also includes workers who were employed in the renovation work in the Cathedral. Heitz, approximately 50 investigators search for the cause of the fire.

+++ 12.30 PM: Ministerial panel advises plan for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame +++

France’s Prime Minister Édouard Philippe has set up a Ministerial panel to advise on a plan for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame. During the fire, President Emmanuel Macron announced: “We are going to build Notre-Dame again.” The French expected. Came to the Meeting with Philippe, Minister of culture, Franck Riester, and the Minister of public Finance, Gérald Darmanin. The interior Ministry was represented by Secretary of state Laurent Nuñez, as the French news Agency AFP reported.

+++ 11.51 am: the risk of fire in the Aachen Cathedral are generally very high +++

Also in the Cathedral of Aachen there is a high risk of fire prevails according to information from the competent Builder of the Cathedral master. The roof from the year 1656 was like the one of Notre-Dame of wood, said Helmut Maintz of the “Rheinische Post”. “The danger is very, very large.” Therefore, there is in the Cathedral, a sprinkler system, in addition, constant contact with the fire Department. In the case of construction of the Church of the North Rhine-Westphalian town, special security measures shall apply accordingly to prevent fires. Among other things, is switched off in the evening of the electricity for the handyman.

+++ 11.55 PM: Cologne Cathedral, and Michel let their bells ring +++

a funeral peal, and a devotional in the Hamburger Michel, the main churches in Hamburg to Express their solidarity with Notre Dame. “People all over the world and also here we are in Hamburg, shaken from the devastation of France’s most important Church,” said the Evangelical-Lutheran Bishop Kirsten Fehrs. In addition to the bells of the Michel, the main churches-St. Petri, St. Nikolai, St. Jacobi and St. Katharinen wanted to bells of your Funeral bell. The Catholic Church also involved with the St. Marien-Dom in the mourning peal, it said.

The Cologne Cathedral, is, according to the Rheinische Post also at noon, the bells are ringing. “Our French friends our deepest sympathy,” said Provost Gerd Bachner in Cologne, Germany. Notre-Dame stand as a symbol for France, like the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. “Therefore, the terrible images of the burning Cathedral of pain for us in Cologne. The fire is also true in our hearts.”

+++ 11.14 PM: Germany is ready to provide for aid to help rebuild +++

Germany, France intends to support the reconstruction of Notre-Dame. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron called on to aid for reconstruction far beyond France, tweeted foreign Minister Heiko Maas. “Germany stands ready to in the closest friendship,” wrote SPD politician. “We are United in grief. Notre Dame is a cultural heritage of mankind and a Symbol for Europe.”

+++ 11.02 PM: firefighters released the use of video +++

The Paris fire brigade has published on Twitter a Video of your bet. The Clip shows from a variety of perspectives, such as the roof of Notre-Dame is in flames, but also the Interior of the Cathedral is burning and firefighters are trying to extinguish the fire.

+++ 10.54 am: the Pope’s words of support +++

representatives of the Church sent have responded with dismay and concern on the Brand. The Vatican said that Pope Francis will pray “for France’s Catholics and for the population of Paris”.”The Pope was very similar to France, wrote to the Vatican spokesman, on Twitter. Those who are faced with the “dramatic Situation” in Paris seien, give Francis his prayers.

The German bishops conference addressed a Letter to the Archbishop of Paris, Michel Aupetit. Its President, cardinal Reinhard Marx, Aupetit, the believers of the Paris Archdiocese and all people of France, his “deep sympathy”. “At Notre Dame have joined together over the centuries, architectural styles, history of art and significant historical events, who wrote the European continent, marked,” Marx. With the fire at the heart of the Catholic faith in Paris had been taken, as well as one of the landmarks in the whole of France and Europe.

+++ 10.42 PM: Putin offers help to +++

Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin has offered France help of Russian specialists in the reconstruction of Notre-Dame. “He proposed to send the best experts to France. You have great experience in the restoration of a world heritage site,” said the Kremlin in Moscow. The Cathedral is of inestimable cultural value for Europe and the whole world, said the Russian President, in a Letter to his French colleague Emmanuel Macron. “The misfortune that happened that night, it hurts in the hearts of the Russians.”

+++ 10.22 PM: Prime Minister of Saxony, Kretschmer calls to fundraiser +++

Saxony’s Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer calls for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Europe-wide willingness to donate. “I wish the same solidarity and support we have received for the Frauenkirche in Dresden, now also for Notre-Dame”. the CDU-politician said in the Central German broadcasting. Each could make its contribution to the famous Church rebuilt. “This is a Moment where you should not leave it to the state, but where we are all together our contribution can make a donation”. Notre-Dame is one of the “all of us in Europe”.

The world-famous Dresden Frauenkirche was destroyed in the Second world war and after the end of the GDR, of a Foundation that emerged from the Initiative of a private funding company, rebuilt. Numerous support associations and donors at home and abroad supported the eleven-year-old restoration project.

+++ 10.18 PM: fireman: “you will build it up again!”

The French newspaper “Le Monde” is the story of a fireman, as he has the Brand of Notre Dame experience: “It was a very difficult application given the height of the building, but we arrived at the top.” He comes from Clamart, southwest of Paris. “I visit Paris whenever I can. But I’ve never been to Notre Dame. There are such monuments, to which one passes by and thinks that you will always be there. But that’s not bad. You will build it up again, and then I’m going in.”

+++ 10.04 am: EU President-in-office calls to help Notre Dame +++

EU Council President Donald Tusk has called after the fire, all the other EU member States to help in the reconstruction. “I know that France could do this alone, but it’s about more than just material help,” said Tusk in the European Parliament. The fire in the Cathedral have led that you connected to in the EU is something more substantive and profound than by contracts. “Today, we understand better, what is the basis of the similarities, we know better, how much can we lose – and that we want to defend together,” he said.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker spoke of a “terrible day for all who love France and Paris,” and announced that the EU will make the Commission all the assistance that France could possibly need. “Yesterday, a significant part of France has been badly wounded and we are all a bit widowers and widows,” said Juncker.

+++ 10.03 am: 360 million euros for the rehabilitation and reconstruction +++

After the fire of 360 million Euro for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame. The Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo said the news Agency AFP, the city will contribute 50 million euros to the reconstruction. The Region Ile-de-France, which corresponds largely to the greater Paris area, announced an emergency aid of tens of millions of euros. The families behind two luxury goods companies have said 300 million euros.

+++ 9.57 PM: the Cologne Cathedral Builder: rebuilding will take decades +++

After the fire, the Cologne Cathedral Builder Peter’s feet for not anticipating a decades-long reconstruction. To speculate “how long the reconstruction will take and what it will cost, is a look into the crystal ball,” said feet, not the German press Agency. “But if you have seen the TV images, we know that it will be not only years, until the last damage is removed, but that it’s going to be decades.”

The next few days are crucial, the expert stressed. The stone ceiling vaults below the burned roof would have been saturated with fire-extinguishing water fully. “This has meant that there has been an increase in weight of the vaulted Ceiling several times. You will have to wait for the next few days, if the vault can withstand in spite of this weight.”

+++ 9.53 PM: the fire of Notre Dame completely extinguished The fire +++

in the Paris Cathedral of Notre-Dame is completely deleted. “The whole fire is out,” said the spokesman for the fire Department, Gabriel Plus, in the Morning. Now, the Phase of the review start.

+++ 8.57 PM: fire brigade: several injured in fire +++

Via Twitter reported the fire Department that the fire, two police officers and a firefighter are easily injured.

+++ 8.21 PM: Eggnsturzgefahr not yet +++

According to the French Ministry of the interior of the danger of collapse is averted for the Cathedral. It must now be clarified how the “fabric” of the Church the fire will hold, said interior Secretary of state, Laurent Nuñez. Therefore, experts and architects will advise shortly about whether the Cathedral was stable and the firefighters can continue to work in the Inner Fort.

+++ 8.15 PM: a Lot of treasures saved, and in the city hall +++

stored for at Least a little bit of France, Minister of culture, Franck Riester in the Morning after the fire, was able to breathe a sigh of relief. The largest part of the religious and artistic treasures could be saved from the burning of Notre Dame, said Riester. Accordingly, the precious crown of thorns and other relics had been housed in the town hall of Paris. At the same time, the Minister looked forward. You must now think of the reconstruction. “We still have the expertise to build such a building,” says Reister.

+++ 8.01 PM: The Guardian – Notre-Dame is re-values +++

to rise remarkable With a and emotional message of the British newspaper “The Guardian” on the Morning of the French people. To do “how stupid it seems in a Moment like this, so, we’re not all Europeans. In France’s hour of grief we stand at his side. And we will never turn away,” writes the newspaper in its Tuesday edition. And further: “Notre Dame will rise again. Paris will survive this, as it already has so much else survived.”

+++ 7.36 PM: experts examine Notre-Dame with laser technology +++

Once the last embers are esters deleted, Teams of experts examine with laser technology, the extent to which the structure of the severely damaged Cathedral, is affected. The spokesman for the fire Department informed the Morning. In the meantime, you’ve had serious Concerns about the towers and that the tons could crash heavy bells of Notre Dame, said the spokesman.

+++ 7.34 PM: Still about a hundred firefighters in the use of +++

France’s interior Ministry confirmed that the fire is under control. The fire hazard is banned, now we have to look at how the structure of the building the heavy fire, the stand will hold, says the state Secretary in the Ministry of the interior, Laurent Nunez, the channel BFM TV. Experts and architects will be discussing in the Morning about how the fire Department can continue their work, and whether the Cathedral is stable, explains Nuñez. Around a hundred firefighters military people are still in use. During the fire a fireman was slightly injured, reported fire chief Jean-Claude Gallet. “We’ve had a lot of luck.”

+++ 6.45 PM: daily Newspapers show rocked +++

the French media have reacted with great horror at the fire in Notre-Dame. “The heart of ash”, was the headline in the Catholic daily newspaper “La Croix” in the Morning. The newspaper “Le Parisien” called the heavily damaged Cathedral “Our lady of tears”, “Le Figaro” and overwrote its first side with “The catastrophe”. “Les Echos” wrote of “The tragedy of Paris”, “Libération” added Notre Dame a letter: “Notre-Drame” (dt.: “Our Drama”).

+++ 3.50 p.m.: fire is “totally under control” and “partial” +++

According to the Paris fire brigade the fire is extinguished in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame “completely under control” and “partially deleted”. There is, however, still some fires that need to be deleted, so a speaker in the night to the news Agency AFP. The fire in the heart of the French capital, was broken on Monday evening, as yet, unknown cause.

+++ 1.08 PM: billionaire family, Pinault promises 100 million euros for Notre-Dame +++

The French billionaire family, Pinault promises 100 million euros for the reconstruction of flame-ravaged Cathedral of Notre-Dame. François-Henri Pinault announced that the boss of the luxury fashion group Kering (Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga). He and his father François Pinault had decided to 100 million euros from the family financial holding company Artemis for the reconstruction of the world-famous Cathedral.

+++ 0.22 at: crown of thorns from the Cathedral saved +++

One of the most important relics of the Catholic Church has been rescued from the burning Cathedral of Notre-Dame. It was the crown of thorns, worn by Jesus Christ at his crucifixion, said Patrick Chauvet, Director of the Cathedral late on Monday evening before journalists. It is considered to be one of the most valuable relics preserved in the Cathedral, as it says on the website of Notre-Dame. The flames had not reached the Church treasure.

+++ 0 o’clock: fire brigade is celebrated for bold use +++

On Twitter, shots that show the use of the Paris fire spread. The people praise the firefighters for their courageous work.

+++ 23.43 PM: Macron: “The worst has been averted” +++

the President of France Emmanuel Macron has placed once again in front of the press and information. After consultation with the fire Department, he said, the “worst” had been averted. “This Cathedral, which we will build all of us together again,” said Macron.

+++ 23.29 PM: “the intensity of the fire abated” +++

“has diminished The intensity of the fire,” said the French interior state Secretary Laurent Nuñez. The danger of a collapse of the Northern bell tower is banned according to his information, for the time being. Given the scale of the flames, he cried, “to stay extremely careful.”

+++ 23.14 clock: Apparently, firefighters will show on top of a main tower +++

As the TV pictures arrived, some of the firefighters on the roof of one of the main towers and the lay of the land. The men move on to the roof with your torches and get an Overview.

+++ 23.12 p.m.: A firefighter injured +++

In the fighting of the fire a the fire have been injured, according to the Paris fire-fighter is difficult. Further details of the speaker is not called first. 400 firefighters are in use.

+++ 23.06 PM: fire Department reports: main towers and structure were not saved +++

the structure of The Parisian Cathedral of Notre-Dame is working according to the fire brigade after several hours extinguishing “saved”. The Gothic Church could be preserved “in their entirety”, said the head of the 400-typezkräfte, Jean-Claude Gallet.

+++ 22.57 clock: photo shows: The Interior of Notre-Dame is a sea of flames +++

It is a shocking photo spread, a Journalist of the Spanish newspaper “El País”. It is a view into the Interior of the Cathedral, and shows a single red-glowing sea of flames. In the center is still in the shadows: the huge scaffolding, which is also attacked by the flames. Apparently, the outer walls and the two main towers of Notre-Dame in the essential remained.

+++ 22.43 PM: The newspaper “Libération” will be out tomorrow with the title of the picture “Notre Drame” +++

The journal “Libération” will be out tomorrow with a cover image that summarizes in two words the feelings of the Parisians and the French in the face of a destructive fire in Notre-Dame: “Notre Drame – Our Drama”:

+++ 22.37 o’clock: Steinmeier hopes to receive as much of the parts of Notre Dame +++

Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier has reacted with “sadness and horror” at the fire in Notre-Dame. “My thoughts are with our French friends,” he wrote on Facebook and Instagram. “We hope that as many parts as possible of the rich cultural heritage can be preserved and think of all the forces, which will hopefully remain in their critical and selfless work unharmed.” The world-famous Gothic-style Church building was constructed in the years from 1163 to 1345 belongs to the world cultural heritage.

+++ 22.31 PM: Paris sing for your Notre-Dame +++

the inhabitants of The town of currents in the vicinity of the Cathedral. Witness reports, it seemed like a farewell.

+++ 22.20 PM: fire – fire fear to the main towers +++

The Paris fire brigade continues to be in concern to the main towers of the Notre-Dame. The efforts are focused on preventing the fire to Spread to the massive buildings. The reddish glow of fire illuminates the ruins of the Cathedral. No statements can be made about whether the external walls and the Gothic arches, the currently, will survive the fire.

+++ 22.05 PM: French Prime Minister praises use of firefighters +++

France’s Prime Minister, has spoken out decisively on the fight against the flames in the Paris Cathedral of Notre-Dame. “Our sadness is indescribable, but we are still fighting. This evening the firemen heroically against the fire fight,” wrote Edouard Philippe on Twitter.

+++ 21.55: the consternation in the Vatican +++

The Vatican has responded with dismay to the disastrous fire in Notre-Dame. “The Holy see has welcomed the news of the terrible fire that ravaged the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the Symbol of Christianity in France and in the world, with shock and grief,” said Pope spokesman Alessandro Gisotti. “We press the close proximity to the French Catholics, and the inhabitants of Paris, and to protect the firefighters and to those who do everything they can to cope with this dramatic Situation, our prayers.”

+++ 21.43 PM: fire brigade: a fire could have on towers spread +++

round 400 firefighters currently in use at Notre-Dame. How to listen, and try to protect the vault of the Cathedral, and especially the two main towers in front of the Spread of the flames. The North tower seems to be but the fire is attacked. According to a spokesman for the Paris fire brigade the next one and a half hours will be decisive for whether the main towers are in danger. The Spread of the flames on the towers was not currently excluded. “It is a difficult fire,” a fire Department spokesman.

+++ 21.24 PM: deletion from the air would probably have been ineffective +++

Yet while the Cathedral is burning to the discussion about the actions of the fire service is already running. Of experts, in the meantime, to hear that a deletion had expected from the air – the many observers – little would have helped; and perhaps the damage is even increased. This discussion in the coming days is expected to stop. The Brand is currently since about two and a half hours.

+++ 21.21 clock: in Cologne, the Provost feels with French Catholics +++

The Cologne Cathedral Provost Gerd Bachner has expressed shocked over the Brand of Notre Dame. “It’s shocking to see these images. It is terrible to experience,” said Bachner in the evening the German press Agency. “Our thoughts are with the Catholics and all the French and grieve with you.” The fire hazard for the Cologne Cathedral was much smaller, because the roof only in the 19th century. Century was built not from wood but from steel. This is also the reason why the Cathedral had survived the bombings of the Second world war.

+++ 21.19 PM: location of the Ile de la Cité and Notre-Dame in the middle of Paris +++ Fullscreen

The Ile de la Cité with Notre-Dame in the Seine, in the midst of Paris

©Google Maps +++ 21.07 PM: firefighters are focusing on protecting the main towers +++

Currently, firefighters are trying to raised platforms near the walls of the main towers to keep the flames from the two intact components. Meanwhile, high flames from the main ship. The main towers stand in the reflection of the fire.

+++ 21.06 at: Île de la Cité, complete + evacuated++

The Île de la Cité, on which Notre-Dame stands, has now been completely evacuated. There are about 1000 people, which should now be in emergency accommodation, life it means.

+++ 21.01 PM: a lack of understanding for the actions of the fire brigade +++

now, it seems clear that the Paris fire Department must explain in the morning. Wonder is everywhere, asked why the fire fighters are not to be taken faster from the air against the fire. From the outside it seemed as the fire was raging for about an hour almost unhindered in the Gothic building of the world. However, the use can judge no one.

+++ 20: 54: firefighters concentrated on the rescue still parts of the Cathedral +++

The Feuerwehr from Paris with official opinions. From the Twitter Account of a humorous Tweet with a reference to the TV series “Game of Thrones has been deleted” now. Against the fire in the main vessel, the firemen, however, seem hardly to arrive. The first pictures show the flames in one of the massive main towers. The cultural and historical damage, the fire already has done, is incalculable.

+++ 20.51 watch: police: Not a terrorist act – no more visitors in the Cathedral +++

In the case of the fire in Notre-Dame, the police first, not from a terrorist Background. A spokesman for the police said. For more details, he called. From the official side, it was said, moreover, that at the time of the outbreak of the fire appears to be no more visitors to the Cathedral had been. Therefore, should be in the disaster, according to current findings, no people to harm.

+++ 20.46 watch: fire blazes – the main ship is on fire +++

The fire is now blazing again. The Interior of the main nave of the Cathedral is on fire. A spokesman of Notre-Dame has already confirmed that the roof structures, the part from the 13. Century, was completely destroyed. It’s not as if the fire Department could get the fire under control at present.

+++ 20.42 PM: scaffolding flame is burning in the vicinity of the main towers +++

In the ruins of the nave of Notre-Dame flames continue to see their reflection at the inner walls of the main towers. Currently, the large scaffolding flames work for the renovation. The fire is not contained.

+++ 20.40 PM: government spokesman Steffen Seibert: “the Terrible images of hurt hurt,” + + +

+++ 20.33 PM: fire is not contained, the main towers so far, not affected +++

The fire seems to be now in part contained, is not, however, long since deleted. The smoke does not rise at least as dense in the sky. The two main towers of the Cathedral seem to hour not affected. The main ship is likely to be massively been beschädgit.

+++ 20.28 PM: Paris in mourning for his Cathedral +++

Many onlookers the fire track in Notre-Dame shocked and moved. Many have tears in their eyes. Also, President of Macron has arrived at the burn spot on the Seine in the heart of Paris. “The whole Nation feels,” he says.

Fullscreen ©Patrick Anidjar, AFP +++ 20.21 PM: media speculate about renovation work as the cause of the fire +++

Furthermore, the cause of the fire is unclear. Several French media, including Le Figaro report, the fire could have been caused by renovation. Parts of the building are surrounded by a wooden scaffolding, which is also in flames. Firefighters approach on the way in and on the Cathedral Fire stoves.

+++ 20.18 PM: First pictures of fire to show in use +++

in the Meantime, you can see that firefighters are at the Cathedral. However, Notre Dame has been burning since a round hour. The damage to the world-famous landmarks of the French capital are already immense.

+++ 20.13 PM: Middle spire, together +++

The Gothic pointed tower in flames, the Parisian Cathedral of Notre-broken lady broken. It was a smaller tower in the middle of the roof of the main nave. Black smoke is coming out from the two great towers of the Cathedral, reported by a REUTERS Reporter.

+++ 20.02 PM: Macron moves important speech on the situation of the Nation +++

the President of France Emmanuel Macron has been postponed due to the fire in Notre-Dame an important televised speech. The Élyséepalast confirmed in the evening, shortly before the originally scheduled broadcast date. When Macron wants to keep the response to the results of a months-long public debate now, remained open in the first place.

+++ 20.01 watch: Donald Trump reacts to news from Paris +++

The news of the terrible fire in Notre-Dame have already gone around the globe. US President, Donald Trump tweeted: “It’s terrible, this massive fire in Notre-to see lady”.

+++ 19.58 PM: roof of the Cathedral collapsed +++

The roof of the main nave of the Cathedral is become apparent that, in the meantime, a prey to the flames. So far, not to recognize that fire fighters can approach the Fire. It is already clear: The world famous Church will be largely destroyed.

+++ 19.53 PM: fire spreads from +++

to see On television images of the fire at the Moment, is spreading more and more. Large parts of the roof of the main nave of the Cathedral was already in flames. The cloud of smoke above the city, is widely seen. The extent to which the fire brigade can reach the Fire, is currently unclear.

+++ 19.47 PM: The mayor of Paris speaks of a “terrible fire” +++

The Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, spoke on Twitter of a “terrible fire”. The fire brigade attempts to bring the fire under control. To pictures was to see how the roof stand around a scaffolding in flames.

+++ 19.17 watch fire in the Paris Cathedral of Notre-Dame escaped +++

the world-famous Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, a fire broke out. This is the fire brigade was informed of the French capital in the evening. On pictures in Online networks, the flames, the beat of the roof; clouds of smoke rose. Eyewitnesses report that the fire at the tourist attraction from the 12. Century flooringet. The fire Department is with a large contingent in use. If there are injured, is currently not estimable. According to the French news Agency AFP, the Brand could work with a renovation. He had been erupted in the attic of the Cathedral and against at 18.50 discovered, it was called

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Blackened Mueller report Thursday, is intended to be submitted to +++, Almost 150 killed in Fighting around Libyan capital, Tripoli +++ Newborn baby drowns in bathtub +++ The News of the day.

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