For more than two weeks a family in Berlin an incredibly tough time. On the Morning of the 18. February is gone her youngest daughter, sister, aunt, and sister-in-law without a trace: 15-year-old Rebecca.

To the excruciating uncertainty of what happened with the girl, now comes a further burden for the family: One of their own, the 27-year-old brother-in-law of the Missing, sitting since Monday in custody, “due to the urgent Tatverdachts of manslaughter”, the public Prosecutor and the police. The investigators of the homicide, that he killed the youngest sister of his wife, Jessica.

police released new photos

Run this car and the fleece blanket to the missing Rebecca?

In the investigation of the for a good two weeks of missing schoolgirl Rebecca the police is now on the publication of photos. The brother-in-law something to do with the Disappearance?

What the police has against the brother-in-law in the Hand?

According to Reports from various media (including “world”, “B. Z.”), the officials of several items of evidence against Koch in the Hand: the police found in the trunk of his car, hair by Rebecca and fiber traces of the ceiling, which disappeared with the girl. In addition, he is supposed to have on the Morning of the disappearance of the Chat messages on the phone written and received, as he slept, according to his own statements allegedly. The Suspicious silence about the allegations, said a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office. As a suspect, this is his right, as well as, of course, for him, the presumption of innocence applies.

missing case

hair-tracks in the car of the sister of the police to Rebecca?


A circumstance, also, Vivian, the pointed second-youngest of the three sisters of the family. She posted on her Instagram Account now has over 25,000 subscribers, an extract from the European Convention on human rights: “Everyone has the as long as be considered innocent until in a General statutory procedures legally his fault was detected.” The Signal: The family of Rebecca, despite the serious allegation, the brother-in-law, is convinced that he has nothing to do with the Disappearance of 15-Year-olds.

Social media, Online reports, newspaper articles, TV interviews – the family of Rebecca is everywhere. Dozens of times she gave information about the Disappearance of the youngest daughter, dozens of times, said you, to believe in the innocence of the husband of the oldest daughter. It is the image of a family that holds together, even in the worst of times.

Rebecca’s family is seeking the Public

“I’d lay for him my Hand in the fire”, took Rebecca’s father in an interview with the “B. Z.” his son-in-law. Sister Vivian appealed on the verge of tears after the Disappearance of the young people, the “witch-hunt” on the 27-Year-old. “My brother-in-law is a good man,” she said in Instagram. The mother of the Missing explained in the “B. e”: “We stand fully behind our son-in-law.” And also after the arrest of the Suspect, Rebecca’s relatives remain: “We as a family still behind him. We hold together. The evidence has not changed,” said sister Vivian of the “image”.

27-Year-old for the second Time arrested

suspected of homicide: brother-in-law of missing Rebecca in custody


Rebecca’s mother, explained to the blade, and why she believes that her son-in-law has something to do with the Disappearance of their daughter: “All the evidence is actually against him, he declared to us conclusively and credibly”, she said and gave an example: “fresh hair and fiber traces of Rebecca’s jacket are in the car, is logical, because the daughter of Jessica still wanted to play the day before with Rebecca in the car, as it came from the Playground.”

The family had been assumed that Rebecca was abducted. The police suspected that she was “victim of homicide”, it had weakened, so the mother of the Missing to the “image”. However, in spite of the dire fears: The family hopes that their “Becci” will be found alive. The Social Media Profiles to show more prominently the search call for the 15-Year-old, in the last Instagram-Story of her sister Vivian said: “We will find you, and the culprit for this Odyssey is found!”


Rebecca Reusch, 15, is since the 18th century. February missing. The Berlin police Department is asking for information

©police Berlin

Through its many performances, the family ensures that the missing person’s case, Rebecca will not be forgotten in the Public – but the media presence of the relatives also has its shadow side. So the Details come through the Interviews again and again to the light, holding the investigators back. The fact that together with Rebecca, a fleece blanket disappeared, did not mention the police, for example, in their official messages first – it could be a so-called offender know. This penetrates to the outside, can make it difficult for the investigation or a possible process – against whom.

more Than 300 clues to the whereabouts of the girl should now be in homicide. There is a lot of evidence, but you could tell from the determination tactical reasons, said a spokeswoman for the Berlin Prosecutor’s office. “The top priority is to find Rebecca.”

search call to the police Fullscreen

Rebecca’s clothes: pink plush jacket, white hooded sweatshirt with the inscription, in black-and-white “Vans”shoes, red backpack, blue Jeans with torn knees, a beige-pink coloured handbag

©police Berlin

Rebecca is 15 years old, but may appear older. She is 1.70 to 1.80 meters tall, slim and has dark-blond to brown, shoulder-length hair. In the case of her Disappearance the girl was dressed in a pink plush jacket, a white hoodie with the words “Rap Monster 94” and “BTS”, blue Jeans with torn knees and a black-and-white “Vans” – sports shoes. She had a handbag, a beige-pink and a red backpack.

The officials have, among other things, the following questions:

Who has Rebecca on the Morning of the 18. February 2019 in the range between Maurerweg and Fritz-Erler-seen-Allee in Berlin?Who has, pursuant to the 18. February 2019 not yet seen or had any contact with her?

clues on the whereabouts of Rebecca accepts the Berlin police at the telephone number (030) 4664911333 or by E-Mail.

the sources: Berlin police Department, Berlin state Prosecutor’s office, “B. Z.,” I, “B. Z.” II “for” III, “world”, I, “of image” I “scene II”, the Instagram Account of sister Rebecca’s DPA news Agency


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