The Euro jackpot in the long term could rise somewhat over the previous Limit of 90 million euros.

in The German Lotto – and Totoblock (DLTB) in leading Rhineland-Palatinate Lotto company in Koblenz confirmed these Considerations. “However, all of the 29 operators would need to give this European numbers lottery from Poland to Italy, and in Germany, the 16 Federal States as a regulatory green light,” said the managing Director Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz, Jürgen Häfner, the German press Agency. The Euro jackpot had significant increases. “But we must discuss it now, because it could take to implement one and a half years”, said Häfner. On what sum of money the Euro jackpot could swell, he said.

The Jurist reasoned, the not-yet-completed Europe-wide Considerations with the competition, the numbers lottery EuroMillions, which is also offered in a number of European States: “there is still higher profits than in the Euro jackpot, once, for example, is 185 million euros. Especially younger people see the Internet, not to mention even higher Lotto win, for example, in the United States.”

Häfner added that also in the classic game 6 out of 49 there is Considerations, “of this product continue to develop”. Although it had achieved in 2018, with around 3.5 billion euros, almost half of the DLTB-total sales. “But we are seeing declines.” Industry experts say the market will explore the research, what new measures could spur 6 from 49.

Overall, the state lottery market in Germany has been shrinking for a long time, while the competition has grown on the Internet in the past few years. Häfner reiterated his criticism of foreign secondary lotteries. Participants can get online on the income of the traditional lotteries 6 from 49 bets pay, with the promise of the exact same gains transferred to.

“All the court decisions in Germany have clearly stated that this black-run lotteries offer illegal gambling,” said Häfner. “You pay no taxes, damage the common good.” The lottery companies of the German länder, supported by contrast, with around 40 per cent of the stakes in social, cultural, environmental and sports as well as the rural households.

Online lotteries such as Lotto land based in Gibraltar reject the allegations in relation to the EU freedom to provide services. In Germany, too, would be paid taxes, the profits can be assured and guaranteed, said lottery country-lawyer Bernd Berberich in Munich. “I am also referring to the still ongoing legal proceedings, the outcome of which is yet to be seen.”


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