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resistance fighter, dies at 108 (9.33 PM)Kramp-Karrenbauer at K-question clearly in front of Merz, and Spahn (7 p.m.), Green-new personnel, advertising of the German Federal armed forces (6.30 PM)criticise the severe weather in the Philippines: 20 people are killed (5 p.m.)Union gets the majority of large donations (4.36 p.m.)CSU wants to volunteer to do services with “future account” is more attractive (1.22 PM)

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+++ 15.43 PM: tourist survives hundreds of meters of fall, and guides rescuers to +++

A tourist fell on the Königssee, in the area of the echo wall several Hundred meters into a ditch, and dangerous to life had been violated. The mountain rescue service Berchtesgaden was able to save the Chinese, according to information from the Bavarian Red cross with the help of two helicopters. The woman had dropped on Saturday night, an emergency call, but could not say exactly where you started, where you wanted to go, and where it was.

During the extensive search, a group of the mountain discovered waking up a Footprint in the snow, which ended in the trackless slope to a steep gully. The Team of an ambulance from rappelled to the woman.

The Chinese had, meanwhile, kept contact by phone to the rescue forces, so that the crew of the helicopter “Edelweiss 6” could also be from the air places. Stack of gathering mist made it difficult, however, the recovery measures before the woman was brought to the Salzburg emergency hospital where Doctors took care of them.

+++ at 15: 24: 34 Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia killed +++

the special forces of the Somali and the US military have killed in a RAID in southern Somalia at least 34 fighters of the Islamist terrorist organization Al-Shabaab, including four commanders. The reported Somali state media. The soldiers had stormed in the night, a terrorist camp in the town of Jilib, which is used for the manufacture of bombs and the training of suicide bombers, such as the high-ranking Somali said cal General Ali Mohamed Mohamud journalists.

The United States is helping Somalia’s government and a 20 000-strong peacekeeping force of the African Union (AU) in the fight against Al-Shabaab. The one with the terrorist network Al-Qaeda connected Sunni fundamentalists fighting in Somalia for years for the establishment of a so-called God-state. In the case of terrorist attacks and the attacks of the extremists, thousands of people have lost their lives.

+++ 14.27 PM: Turkish authorities attack 109 migrants to the West coast to +++

The Turkish authorities have acted according to the state Anadolu Agency in the Western Turkish province of Izmir, 109 migrants who wanted to illegally leave the country. In addition, three of the alleged traffickers had been arrested, reported Anadolu on Sunday.

The migrants had been taken up in the district Demircili of the district of Urla. From there it is not far to the Greek island of Samos. The nationality of the migrants was initially unclear.

According to official figures, has included Turkey, 3.5 million Syrian refugees. Added to this are migrants from Afghanistan and Iraq. Again and again refugees try to enter from Turkey to the Greek Islands.

+++ 14.11 PM: Cyber-attack is delayed pressure for large daily Newspapers in the U.S. +++

Due to a Cyber attack on the computer system of a publishing house, many newspaper readers in the USA have their Saturday edition too late or not at all. Affected U.S. media reports on Saturday, according to the larger leaves, such as the “Los Angeles Times” and the “San Diego Union Tribune” in California, as well as the West coast editions of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. They all therefore use the same printing company in Los Angeles. The problems delayed both the pressure as well as the delivery of the sheets.

The media company, Tribune Publishing had discovered according to the Reports, on Friday, malicious Software (“Malware”) on its servers. The Cyber-attack may come from outside the United States, told the “LA Times” citing a well-informed source. However, it is still too early to say more Accurate. A spokesperson for Tribune Publishing could not confirm the suspicion, according to CNN.

+++ 13.34 PM: CSU calls for state “tax brake” for the relief of the citizens +++

The CSU calls for a report according to which a state “tax brake” for the relief of the citizens. How the “Welt am Sonntag” reported, citing a paper for the CSU closed meeting at the beginning of January, to be committed to the state’s regular relief. “We want that in the future every year on the basis of the early spring tax estimates concrete measures, and taken to be examined, in order to let the tax burden on the people will not continue to rise,” it says.

With the appropriate intake location would also need to be specific discharges to be implemented, – stated in the paper. The legislature should be obliged according to the will of the CSU, in addition to new spending against reductions to balance. “Each new issue must show that it works better as a relief.” Overall, should be relieved with the measures in the middle of the society.

+++ 12.34 PM: North Korea’s rulers want to South Korea’s President in 2019 +++

After the relaxation steps on the Korean Peninsula in the past year, wants North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un is more frequent summit meetings with South Korea. Kim expressed in a personal letter to President Moon Jae In also his Regret, that his scheduled visit to Seoul had come before the turn of the year, such as the office of the South Korean government announced the heads. Moon thanked the social media for the letter to Kim, he had taken this year three times.

Kim had expressed the intention of the visit to Seoul of catching up to do, it said. He wanted to meet Moon in 2019, more often, the discussion about “peace and prosperity”, as well as nuclear disarmament on the Peninsula together to discuss. Moon’s office released the full letter. Moon also wrote that Kim had reaffirmed his decision, “the agreements with the presidents of South Korea and the United States to actively implement the”.

+++ 12 hrs: Macrons Ex-Bodyguard Benalla wants to return diplomatic passports +++

a New twist in the scandal of diplomatic passports of the former bodyguard of the French President, Emmanuel Macron: Alexandre Benalla wants to give back the passports, according to a report “in the coming days”. “I made a mistake in the use of these passports may be,” said Benalla, the newspaper “Le Journal du Dimanche” soon after, on Saturday, Justiz in the case had turned on.

The Prosecutor’s office had launched an investigation on suspicion of breach of Confidence. Benalla had been given diplomatic passports in the framework of its activities for the Élyséepalast. The investigative Internet newspaper “Mediapart” reported, Benalla was in the past few months, with a diplomatic passport in various African countries travels, even though he no longer worked for the office of the President.

+++ 9.33 PM: children from the Nazis saved a resistance fighter, dies at 108 +++

The Jewish resistance fighter Georges Loinger who saved during the Second world war, hundreds of children from the Nazis, dies at 108 years of age. The 1910, the son of a Jewish family in Strasbourg-born Loinger, died on Friday, as the Foundation for the memory of the Shoah told in Paris.

Loinger, in German-occupied France with the resistance. Under the guise of summer camps in the sports coaches brought supporters, some 350 Jewish children across the border in Switzerland. He kept the boys and girls from Deportation to Auschwitz.

France and Israel had honored Loinger several times, in 2016, he also received the Federal cross of merit. It was awarded to him in the German Embassy in Paris.

+++ 7 PM: survey: Kramp-Karrenbauer at K-question clearly in front of Merz, and Spahn +++

on the question of the next Chancellor candidate from the Union of the new CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in the population, the largest sympathies on your side. A survey by the opinion research Institute YouGov on behalf of the German press Agency, according to the would like 26 per cent, of the former Saarland Minister-President leads the CDU/CSU in the next Federal election campaign. Only 17 percent would be for

Friedrich Merz, the Kramp-Karrenbauer, the CDU-Chairman choice just below. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn even comes with just 3 percent support. 29 percent would be, however, none of the three are satisfied and a further 25 per cent did not provide any information.

+++ 6.30 am: Green criticize new staff advertising of the Bundeswehr +++

The Greens have criticised an advertising campaign by the Bundeswehr, with a series about the special forces command (KSK) in the short message service WhatsApp, and a fitness program for new enlisted soldiers. It was “cynical, to young people with an Action series and a muscle program as a citizen in Uniform win,” said the defense spokesman of the Green, Tobias Lindner, the “picture on Sunday”.

The Ministry defended the campaign. The Bundeswehr must strive “to come on the Radar of young people”, a spokesman said the “BamS”. For target group-oriented advertising was “necessary”. The KSK series, according to the Ministry currently has approximately 28,000 subscriber, the KSK-sports program, the Amazon voice assistant, Alexa fitness units can be retrieved, 2300 user.

+++ 5 PM: storm Philippines: 20 people are killed +++

the East of the Philippines due to landslides and Floods due to heavy rain, 20 people were killed. According to the authorities, nearly 5000 people were in addition, in the six provinces of homeless. In the affected areas Missed would be looking for. According to the weather service’s Eastern and Central provinces have to adjust to more intense rainfall, although the low-pressure area was weakening. The Philippines every year are hit by around 20 storms, which cause landslides and Floods.

+++ 4.36 PM: Union gets most of large donations, especially from industry +++

The CDU has to get to 2018, by far the most large donations. The party benefited primarily from grants from the industry, including the BMW-major shareholder family. Significantly less contributions from the coalition partner SPD got. The publications of the Bundestag administration, with Stand 28. December.

The parties represented in the Bundestag received in the past year, a total of around 2.1 million euros to large donations – 2017, there were still approximately 6.6 million Euro. In a year with a Federal election, however, is traditionally donated significantly more than in other years.

+++ 2.10 PM: Juncker accuses EU States of “blatant hypocrisy” before +++

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has accused the EU States of “blatant hypocrisy” in the fight against illegal immigration. For more than two years, the EU heads of state and head of government for better protection of the external borders of the EU required, said Juncker of the “world on Sunday”. After the EU had proposed to the Commission to increase the number of the European border guards by the end of 2020 to 10,000, would now “all of a sudden many pages of concerns”, this was a matter of too fast or would be an interference in national sovereignty.

+++ 1.22 PM: CSU wants to volunteer to do services with “future account” and more attractive +++

The CSU land group wants to increase the attractiveness of voluntary services, according to a new report by a financial incentive of up to 3500 Euro. “We want to set up a future account for all those young people, the to your 27. Years in a Federal voluntary service or a voluntary social year social contribution”, cited the “world on Sunday” a paper for the 3. January, the beginning of the end of the three-day closed meeting of the CSU land group in the Bundestag.

+++ The news from Saturday +++ +++ 17.34 watch: air traffic after the incident at the airport of Hannover set +++

After an incident at the airport of Hanover, the air traffic has been set there. A man in a car with Polish license plates have been trying to get through a passage point on the apron of the airport, said a spokesman for the Federal police. Previously, the NDR had reported about the incident. The driver of the car had been taken into custody. The airport is currently closed, there is no take-offs and landings, the Terminals were opened, said a spokesman for the airport. How long this should take, was, therefore, initially unclear. Whether it is a stroke or an accident, was investigated according to the Federal police.

+++ 16.22 PM: A little like Tschick: a Teenager buy a car and come to the bus stop +++

For 220 Euro two teenagers have purchased in Bavaria in a car. Without a license and driving license, the two 15-Year-old went to police information – number plates stolen on the way from Bad Kötzting to about 40 kilometres away, Zwiesel. There, officers found the boys an a bus stop, with cigarette and car keys in Hand. The car seller will need to according to the police, for aiding and abetting responsibility. The 29-Year-old shouldn’t have to sell the car, because 15-Year-old only has limited legal capacity. The age of criminal responsibility of the student and the Trainee, however, are: The list of your Offences includes Driving without insurance, without registration, without a license and theft of a license plate.

+++ 16.18 at: four-year-old girl dies after skiing accident in Switzerland +++

A four-year-old girl has died after a skiing accident in the Swiss Canton of Bern. The child was in collided with another skier and was injured, as the Canton police of Bern announced on Saturday. The child was brought to the accident on Thursday in a helicopter to the hospital. The girl died late on Friday evening.

+++ 15.15 PM: Paris Prosecutor’s office determined against Ex-employees of Macron +++

launched by The Paris Prosecutor’s office preliminary investigation against an ousted employee of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, due to suspected embezzlement. The former security officer Macrons, Alexandre Benalla, to be traveled after his release in July in an unauthorized manner with two diplomatic passports abroad, said public Prosecutor Remy Heitz. French media reports indicate that Benalla was with the passports, most recently as a private consultant in Africa.

The preliminary investigation related to the information of the public Prosecutor’s office on the charges of improper using of an ID card. In addition, Benalla was suspected that he had during his recent business travel appears to continue to function as a high-ranking French civil servant.

Benalla had in July after an alleged beating attack on demonstrators in Paris on 1. May his Post is lost. According to the French Ministry of foreign Affairs, the authorities Macrons Ex-advisers should ask then to return the diplomatic identity cards. Benalla said that he had complied with this request. According to information from its environment, the passes were to him the beginning of October, however, re-issued

+++ 13.54 PM: Lavrov: Russia and Turkey agree the future of Syria-use of +++

After the announced withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, Russia and Turkey want to vote their future use in the war-torn country. In the “new context” would coordinate the Russian and the Turkish army, “their actions continue,” said Russia’s foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after talks with a Turkish Delegation in Moscow. The objective is, “the terrorist threat in Syria to wipe out”.

+++ 11.46 PM: songwriter of the hits “Killing Me Softly” and “Girl From Ipanema” dies with 91 +++

Norman Gimbel, the lyricist of the world the hits “Killing Me Softly” and other famous Songs, is dead. He died on 19. December announced at the age of 91 in his home in California’s Montecito, as his son Tony Gimbel, and Broadcast Music Incorporated, the American society for the perception of copyright, it is only now. The Brooklyn-born Gimbel won together with the composer David Shire, an Oscar for best original song for “It Goes Like It Goes” by Jennifer Warnes in the Film “Norma Rae” in 1979. In 1973, he had won together with his long-time composer-employee Charles Fox for “Killing Me Softly” by Roberta Flack the Grammy for best Song of the year. The Version of the song by the American Hip-Hop group The Fugees, was a success in the 90s, also a great. Another Hit Gimbel ended up with the English Text of the Brazilian Bossa-Nova Song “The Girl from Ipanema”. For this, he got a Grammy for record of the year in 1965. In 1984, Gimbel was accepted as a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

+++ 11.33 am: Australia leidert under record-breaking heat wave +++

With a record-breaking heat wave and temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius steers Australia to the turn of the year. According to information from the Australian weather service, it should remain in the first three months of the new year, unusually hot. On average, the temperatures are, therefore, 10 to 14 degrees above normal for this time of year. The reason for the persistent heat, a high pressure system over the Tasman sea between Australia and new Zealand. The heat wave Down Under to take already since Christmas. The beaches are full, the air conditioners are running at full speed. In the middle and in the South of the country, some regions sweating for the fourth day in a row at about 44 degrees. In the Western part of the metropolis of Sydney, were measured on Saturday, 42 degrees. Anywhere in the country record values are reached or exceeded. In Tarcoola (Victoria) was there on Friday and 48.1 degrees.

+++ 10.23 PM: Ministry: 40 “terrorists” after attack on tourist bus in Egypt killed +++

After the attack on a tourist bus near the pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian police killed according to the government, 40 jihadists. The “terrorists” had been killed on Saturday morning during raids in Giza and to the North of the Sinai Peninsula, announced the interior Ministry in Cairo. The Suspects had planned a series of attacks on tourist targets, Christian institutions and security forces in Egypt.

+++ 10.02 PM: Israeli army flying air attack on a Hamas position in the Gaza strip +++

Israel has flown in the night to Saturday in an air strike on a position of the radical Islamic Hamas in the Gaza strip. A helicopter had attacked a “military position” of the Hamas in the South of the Palestinian territory, told the Israeli army. It was a retaliatory attack for a “fire” from the Gaza strip. Israeli media reports said a rocket had previously been to Israel fired. It was the first Time since the escalation of violence in November that a rocket from Gaza was fired at Israel. Hamas confirmed the air strike on your position. Injured it was not.

+++ 9.36 PM: a Canadian teacher in China-free +++

China released a detained canadian has released. The teacher, Sarah McIver had been released and after Canada returned to the government in Ottawa on Friday. The relations between Canada and China are tense because of the temporary arrest of a Chinese top Manager in Vancouver. For the case of the teacher, the “illegal” in China worked, but apparently there is no direct connection.

McIver was shortly after the former diplomat Michael Kovrig and living in China, North Korea expert Michael Spavor. The two Canadians, to stand according to official information, in the suspicion that the “national security” endanger – in China, a euphemism for a suspicion of espionage

+++ 8.12 PM: Drunken pedestrians to driving in Berlin – five injured +++

according to police drunk driver crashed in Berlin-Wedding in several pedestrians. Five people were injured, a police spokesman said. The drivers arrived early Saturday morning from the roadway, sped onto a sidewalk and struck several people. The identity of the injured and the driver, there was initially no information. The accident is said to have been drunk. Further Details could not call the police first.

+++ 6.12 PM: Tsunami warning after earthquake in the Philippines triggered +++

The South of the Philippines has been shaken on Saturday by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. The U.S. Tsunami warning system triggered a Tsunami warning. Dangerous waves are on the coasts that are located within a radius of 300 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake, it said in a notice. Unusually high waves of up to one metre above the normal tide are expected to 07.00 PM (CET). The warning covered the ten provinces and a city in the southern Region of Mindanao. People should stay away from the beach, it was called. People whose houses are close to the coast, go inland.

+++ 2.47 PM: report: Kevin Spacey does not want to appear at a court date +++

The American actor Kevin Spacey (59) a for the 7. January scheduled court hearing on allegations of sexual Assault. The “Boston Globe” reported on Friday, the lawyers of the former “House of Cards”Stars had asked the district court in Nantucket in the US state of Massachusetts to the appropriate permission. In the indictment, will he is accused of having an 18-Year-old in 2016, to have a Bar in Nantucket, drunk and indecent touching.

+++ 2.04 PM: in Front of Romania’s presidency of the EU: Juncker doubts Bucharest +++

Shortly before the Takeover of the EU presidency by Romania for the start of the year, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker voiced doubt on the leadership of the government in Bucharest. The country is “technically good” on the six-month presidency, said Juncker of the “world on Sunday”. “I believe, however, that the government has understood, in Bucharest, in the full extent of what it means to preside over the EU countries. For a prudent Act, it also needs to be a willingness to listen to others and to the firm will, their own concerns aside. Since I have some doubts,” said the Commission chief.

+++ 1.57 PM: Four cult members in the U.S. arrested for child abduction +++

Four members of a Jewish sect from Guatemala have been arrested in the USA on suspicion of child abduction. As the public Prosecutor of Manhattan, announced on Friday, the four men suspected of kidnapping a 14-Year-old and her two years younger brother organized, after the mother of the children of the sect had turned his back, and with them in the United States was drawn.

The investigating authorities, both the woman and the four Suspects of the extremist Jewish sect Lev Tahor, an ultra-Orthodox Form of Judaism practiced. The woman, daughter of the founder, had left the sect, therefore, after her brother had taken the lead and the group was becoming increasingly extremist.

according to The investigation, the Suspects abducted a few days before Christmas, the two children of the woman from the village of Woodridge to the North from New York to Mexico. After the arrest of the men, the children were found with the assistance of the Mexican authorities unharmed. You will now be brought back to their mother in the United States. The four suspected kidnappers life in prison.

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