neither side moves an inch to the other. Trump calls for 5.6 billion dollars to build a wall on the Mexican border. But the Democrats want to give him the best case, the 1.3 billion dollars for the border protection. The result is that For the past two weeks large parts of the US are paralyzed lock-government and the management of a household. Since then, Republicans and Democrats struggle to reach a compromise.

“Nothing for the wall”

U.S. house of representatives adopts new Budget – that’s why the “Shutdown” remains still

DPA Donald Trump the Letter and flung it on the table

A Meeting on Wednesday remained without result. Trump has provided for associated irritation. Out of nowhere he got Jiggy with Chuck Schumer, the addressed to him a letter from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un on the table, reported the CNN. The democratic Leader in the Senate supported. “Read it”, Trump instructed him then.

But as the Senator Writing in the hands I have held, to Trump just switches his homeland security Secretary, to let you know about “the crisis at the border” talk. Then Schumer have placed the letter aside and considered to be Nancy Pelosi a proposal, the budget barrier to break through. The Stupid, the homeland security Secretary, which was simply stalling. The Meeting had been “incredibly disheartening,” said later one of their spokesman to CNN.

New Congress in turbulent times

sexual More gay and two straight – never, the US Congress more colorful than today


The US President has made, according to Chuck Schumer, another failure. He asked Trump to “direct”: “they Call me a good reason why you with your Shutdown more want to make.” However, the President gave him no satisfactory answer.

party leaders want to Shutdown

stop, in Spite of these tricks, Republicans and Democrats, of necessity, have scuffled to a Meeting on Friday to end the Shutdown. “This should not go on much longer like this,” said the Republican minority leader in the house of representatives, Kevin McCarthy, the AFP news Agency.

Newly-elected Congress starts work

to become “Europe doesn’t matter to me” to “Shutdown” Trump between attack and outstretched Hand


in The budget dispute, the submit for nearly two weeks, parts of the Federal authorities in Washington, lame, is a trial of power between the President and the Democrats. The Democrats propose a budget law that would ensure the financing of almost all of these ministries until the end of September. The Department of homeland security in its area of responsibility falls to the border security – would be only up to 8. February financed. Pelosi pointed out that this is a good month to stay time, the dispute over the wall to dispel.

Chuck Schumer, called on Trump to accept the bill, instead of the “Shutdown” concerned Americans as “hostages”. Because of the budget hundreds of thousands of government inhibit officials in the forced leave, or you will need to work without salary.

sos / AFP / DPA

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