On Wednesday, Donald Trump was invited to the Cabinet meeting – in the middle of a now nearly two-week partial state government have still shops in the United States. In the usual tone of voice, he praised himself and his alleged accomplishments. He boasted for the low price of Oil, which he had reduced in person by calling the leaders of the exporting countries. He slurred his Ex-defence Minister James Mattis, who had surprisingly thrown, but the Trump “fired”. He also once again defended his plans for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico – the reason for the current “Shutdown”, because the Democrats do not agree to the 5.6-billion-Dollar Budget for the first part.


Donald Trump brought to the Cabinet meeting to be bizarre “Game of Thrones”Poster. Why, remained unclear.

©Evan Vucci/AP, DPA,

For the largest response in the network else cared but little. In front of Trump on the Cabinet table, a Poster was namely in the style of the TV series “Game of Thrones”. The US President, in front of him, the word “Sanctions are coming”, the sanctions are coming. In the Original of the decision of the head of the family is Stark in the Fantasy series, “Winter is coming”, Winter. The Poster itself is not new. Trump had tweeted it already at the beginning of November. At the time, it was about the upcoming sanctions against Iran, which entered in force.

Newly-elected Congress starts work

From “Europe doesn’t matter to me” to “Shutdown” Trump between attack and outstretched Hand


it is Totally unclear why Trump is the two months old posters had now lie at the Cabinet meeting, in front of you on the table. A request of the “Washington Post” remained unanswered. And the Iran, it went in the meeting at most, on the edge, as Trump claimed, the country had changed considerably since he was in office. On the Poster was not discussed further.

Donald Trump: New date confused in addition

For adding to the confusion, another Detail is provided. On Trumps, two months ago, getwitterter variant, November 5, stand “” under the sanctions, saying, because on that date, the sanctions against Iran attacked. On the current variant now but for some reason, “November 4”. According to many users on Twitter shared the images of the Trumps the Cabinet table and asked themselves what the meaning of the Whole. A suitable Declaration but they had not the Council of Europe.


US President Donald Trump, and “Game of Thrones”Poster

©Nicholas Kamm AFP

For his Posting in November, Trump had to listen to by the way a lot. The creators of the series “Game of Thrones” tweeted: “How do you say brand abuse on Dothraki (one of the series of spoken languages, ed. d. Red.)?” Also the author of the books behind the TV-success, Geroge R. R. Martin, shared on Twitter against Trump: “fear cuts deeper than swords. Elect on Tuesday, 6.”, he tweeted.


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