Easter is the principal Feast of Christianity. On good Friday the death of Jesus Christ is mourned on Easter Sunday, his resurrection celebrated. The holidays are supposed to be. Specifically, this means that in Germany there is a nationwide dancing ban, which occurs in the majority of cases, starting on good Friday. However, depending on the opinion of the individual länder, there are differences. Who does not spend the free days with my family and prefer to celebrate like, you must note a few things. The star tells you where and when you are also allowed to swing about Easter on the dance floor.

the dance ban on good Friday in Bavaria, a particularly rigorous

The nationwide dancing ban affects not only dance, but also other public events such as sporting events.

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What is prohibited on good Friday except Dance

may be forbidden According to the law, therefore, all the events which go on the “bar and dining operations,”. In Parallel there are some special rules that apply in part, from Maundy Thursday, and also good Friday.

An Overview by Federal States:


the prohibition of dance, starting on Holy Thursday, 18 clock until Easter Saturday, may 20, at


the prohibition of dance, starting on Maundy Thursday, 2 p.m. until Saturday, 24 UhrÜber the General ban on dancing in addition to a General prohibition of musical performances of any kind is in Bavaria in rooms with dispensing operation.The particularly strict protection of good Friday, the Federal constitutional court declared the end of 2016, to be unconstitutional. Since then, events may not be prohibited from the outset. the


the dance ban on good Friday from 4 PM to 21 PM, otherwise on all Easter days, no restrictions. So, a big dance, the tournament takes place on good Friday.Since Berlin is implementing the public holiday law is quite moderate, is celebrated in many Clubs, discos, despite of the ban. A lot of party consent, it draws over Easter, therefore, often in the capital.Public sports events are prohibited only if they are connected with entertainment, music, or programs. the


the dance ban on good Friday, 0 a.m., to Holy Saturday, 4 p.m.


the dance ban on good Friday from 6 am to 21 PM, otherwise on all Easter days, no restrictions. the


the dance ban on good Friday, 2 p.m. until Saturday, 2 UhrNeben public events (pub and Disco) are also sports events as well as music related or removals are prohibited. Shops must remain closed.Only on the Reeperbahn, the law is not followed so strictly. the


dance on the green Thursday, 4 p.m. until Saturday, 24 PM, and on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday (4-12 hours).Discos are still open, but no music will play. Similarly events under the open sky are forbidden. the

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania:

the dance ban on good Friday, 0 a.m., to Holy Saturday, may 18, at

lower Saxony:

the prohibition of dance, starting on Maundy Thursday, 5 p.m. to Saturday, 24 hrs

North Rhine-Westphalia:

the prohibition of dance, starting on Holy Thursday, 18 clock until Easter Saturday, 6 at this time, no public events are allowed. As the only Federal state of NRW also prohibits “all public events outside of the apartments” – ie, for example. also private parties in the Park.On good Friday may not be moved in NRW. the


dance on the green Thursday, 4 p.m. until Easter Sunday, 16 PM,


dance on the green Thursday, 4 p.m. until Saturday, 24


dance ban on good Friday (0-24)


dance ban on good Friday (0-24)


the dance ban on good Friday, 2 p.m., until Saturday, 2 o’clock


dance ban on good Friday (0-24 hours), and Loosening of religious diversity, the ban on dancing in the future?

experts believe, however, that the more or less strict dance bans on good Friday, in the Wake of the growing freedom of religion in Germany are increasingly watered down by derogations. “The more the religious diversity of society grows, the greater the need for exemptions is just the willingness to give increases,” said lawyer Fabian Wittreck from the cluster of excellence “Religion and politics” at the University of Münster.


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“people want these days, according to the pleasure”, would be restricted in their freedom. The growing number of religions and increase the pressure on the existing Arrangement, whereby in so-called quiet holidays such as good Friday, remembrance Sunday and remembrance day, entertainment events, dance and folk festivals.

good Friday 2018 In Munich is still

celebrated primarily in the erzkatholischen Bavaria, the dance is regulated, the prohibition of the silent holidays strictly. However, this Tradition seems to be in the course of time. On good Friday is celebrated in the Bavarian capital, despite the dance ban, and danced. Possible of the “Federation for spirit liberty in Munich makes the”. The Association invites you to the event “fun Party” in the Club “flash”. The dance ban is undermined by a court ruling of the Federal constitutional court, in which it is stated that on good Friday a scheduled Party is allowed to take place, where the dance “the expression of a world was vivid to distinguish from the Christianity”.

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