A man in Florida has to answer to since the beginning of the week, for the murder of his wife in front of a court in Jacksonville. The special feature of the case: The 52-year-old Michael Haim was accused of having 26 years ago, the fact – of his own son.

Aaron Fraser was three years old when his mother Bonnie Haim in January, 1993 disappeared. A social worker, he said, “Papa, Mama hurt,” as the US news station WJXT reported, citing court documents. Aaron had also declared, “daddy shot mommy” and “My dad couldn’t Wake her up.” But the police found no evidence that Fraser’s allegations, the court substantiated.

Even Bonnie Haims family had doubts as to Aaron’s Version of events. “He has said a few things, of which we do not know that they are true: ‘mom’s car in the lake.’ We know that your car was there”, quoted by the “Telegraph” a statement from her father, Robert Pasciuto in the television series “Unsolved Mysteries” from the year 2010.

investigators by Haims plot

Michael Haim sought repeatedly protested after the Disappearance of his wife, his innocence. You have to leave after a dispute the house and had not returned. “Basically, she was just not happy and she wanted to go, and I could not stop,” he said, according to WJXT in 1993, in an Interview.

The police Haim is not informed according to the Reports at the time. It was agreed by a service technician, of Bonnie Haims wallet was 1250 dollars in cash in the trash container of a hotel. Later, investigators discovered her abandoned car in the vicinity of the airport Jacksonville.

Michael Haim remained all these years a suspect in the case. The custody of his son, he was withdrawn out of fear for his safety. Multiple investigators have reported in the past, house and land, the family searched, CNN. But they had not found enough evidence to put Haim on trial for murder.

“I had her skull in his Hand,”

Fraser after the Disappearance of his mother in a foster family that later adopted him and whose name he wears today. Many years later, he was awarded in a lawsuit against his biological father, his parents ‘ house in Jacksonville. When he began 2014 together with his brother, in order to renovate the house, pushed Fraser, according to WJXT in the garden under the concrete slab of an outdoor shower on human bones – the Remains of Bonnie Haim, such as DNA-confirmed Tests later.

“I saw something that I would describe as a coconut,” said Fraser, according to WJXT now in the witness of the Moment when he discovered the bones of his mother. “I picked the coconut an object and it turned out that it was the upper part of your skull. I had him in Hand,” said he accordingly, on the verge of tears. “We looked back in the hole and could see teeth. At this time, see the top part of your eye sockets.”

As the track fuse, the occurrence under investigation, she discovered there to the station, a cartridge case, caliber .22. The same caliber had had a gun, Michael Haim in 1993. A forensic investigation had come to the conclusion that his wife died of a murder “with a not specified means”. 2015 Haim was eventually arrested in Waynesville, North Carolina, where he lived with his new family, and in the same year, officially charged with murder.

Haims attorney sees no evidence

For investigators, the discovery of the mortal Remains of Bonnie Haim part was the crucial piece of the Puzzle, to convict her husband as the murderer. However, Michael Haim denies the fact continues to be, and pleaded in the process of not guilty, as the US media reports.

Haims defender is optimistic that her client goes free. The prosecution could not prove that he killed his wife and her body the night she disappeared, and there buried, said Janis Warren. “The Only thing that is important is: Can you prove that he killed her? And you can prove that he has laid the corpse in the garden?”, noted the lawyer. “For neither is there any evidence.”

sources: WJXT, “Telegraph”, CNN, USA Today, Washington Post, “Unsolved Mysteries”, Twitter, Facebook


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