Who wants to go back to shopping or to the Museum to London, should not plan his weekend trip for the end of March. Because in the 29. March is a Brexit-day. And, given the unclear political situation in the UK, a chaotic EU is not excluded-outlet – with drastic consequences for millions of Europeans on both sides of the English channel.


EU Commission contingency plans for a disorderly Brexit before


Even if both sides hope to have a glimpfliches end: The British government has been planning for this emergency, called “No Deal” straight up, on Wednesday, the EU-Commission. Emergency measures should not mitigate the seriousness of the case, something more. Because to deal with all separation issues, were in the exit contract, 585 pages. Without the agreement of the agreed transition period, in which practically nothing should change coming. A consequence of economic distortions and uncertainty:

… for EU citizens in the UK and Brits in the EU

The Brexit Treaty ensures the more than three million EU citizens in the UK and more than a Million Brits in the EU, that you can live your life. would The agreement fails, they hang in the air. The EU Commission wants to pave legitimate British life for a long time in the EU, at least the way to the Status of “long-term Stay”. So you could keep access to Jobs, education and social services.

Austrian Chancellor

Sebastian Kurz, in the star: “Are able to get the migration flows in the handle

” … for travellers

The EU Commission fears for the event of a “No Deal” and that it “would be at the exit date to an abrupt interruption of air traffic between the United Kingdom and the European Union”. So it is in a 14-Page communication from the middle of November. Because it’s traffic was accounted for by certificates of rights, licences and flight safety. The Commission intends to Consider in the case, at least, overflight rights, and “technical” about to tank back up. Security certificates are intended to apply on a transitional basis.

travel to the UK could apply for a non-Brexit on the whole, very complicated, not only because of the due customs controls. Visa should not be necessary when both sides engage in it. However, the mutual recognition of driving licences, travel documents for Pets, insurance protection, consumer rights, travel with a lot of cash, the Import of products of animal origin – all would be with the absence of EU rules in the United Kingdom only once.

tug of war for EU exit

How the Brexit now the economy

DPA hurts … for a financial service provider

UK-based financial firms would lose in the case of a disordered Brexit the right to their services in the EU. Especially with a view to the so-called derivatives-Clearing the EU Commission feared “risks to financial stability”. To avert this, wants to intervene, the authority “under strict conditions”. Your Instrument would be the so-called equivalence decisions.

… for the customs and export your

Is the UK, without a contract, you must collect the EU according to the rules of the world trade organization customs duties. Necessary controls and bureaucracy. The EU-Commission urges all member States to arm the customs appropriately. But also, when possible, smoothly handling the scenario would be a brake on the economy. The German chambers of industry and Commerce expects to have 10 million additional customs declarations per year and 200 million euros in bureaucracy costs. It would add to the tariffs themselves. Waiting times would be supply chains break. In contrast, the emergency planning does not help.

… for the European taxpayer

The Brexit Treaty, the conclusion of the payments, the UK regulates in the EU estimated to be at least 45 billion euros over several years. The agreement, it accounts for 2019 would have ripped a hole of about twelve billion euros in the EU budget. Net contributors such as Germany would be asked to pay up.

… for people in Ireland

The agreement attaches special importance to the fact that the border between the EU-state of Ireland and the British Northern Ireland remains open. Should in the case of a non-Brexit apply to be re-established barriers and customs controls? It is a question that is answered in Brussels at the Moment, nobody – not even the existing emergency plans of the EU Commission.

sos/Verena Schmitt-Roschmann / DPA

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