Starting this year, the annual celebration of the town of Eisenberg in Thuringia should get a new name: “Mohr”. The CDU mayor Michael Kieslich said the MDR, the term had a positive meaning in the history of the city.

The so-called Eisenberger Mohr is also to be seen in the coat of arms of the city. His fame is based on a legend from the middle ages. Now anti, do the racist associations, such as the “Initiative of Black people in Germany“ (ISD) with open letters against the Feast.

The Sage and the monument “are bursting with colonial, racist stereotypes and clichés,” they write. The mayor wanted to “racism, colonial history and geschichtsk suffered from celebrating aging”.

The legend of Eisenberg honors one of the black slaves

The Forecast, according to a Duke of his Crusades came back with a people with black skin color, he’s on the way had picked up and obviously as a slave wanted to keep. Shortly thereafter, I was accused of these people, to have the necklace to the wife of the Duke’s stolen. He should be beheaded.

a Few minutes before the execution, the woman found the chain in your Bible again. They sent a Messenger to the place of execution – just in time. To save the honour of the slaves, at the time all as a “moor” referred to, graced his head blindfolded from then on, the town’s coat of arms. In the year 1727, was erected also a Statue of the innocent man by a fountain. The so-called moor’s fountain is considered to be the landmark of the city.

The Forecast is now to be the center of the Mohrenfests and also as a theatre piece will be presented. In the lead role: a Young boy with an Afro wig. The mayor said, according to the MDR, he wants to hold on to the name of the city festival.

sources: MDR, Thüringer Allgemeine


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