For the chocolate food to be paid for, this opportunity of the confectionery manufacturer Mondelez offers now. For nearly 13 euros payment per hour can be now in England Tester of chocolate, such as Oreo, Milka or Toblerone varieties.

of Course, the Job of a chocolate requires a load tester to certain conditions, which ideally, according to Mondelez, all should be met. One of the requirements is to have in addition to a penchant for chocolate, no allergies or other intolerances. Because the test products may contain Gluten, nuts or milk.

According to the ad, you will be offered the Position as a part-time job, you can choose between a variety of offered hours of work. The company expects to offset in addition to honesty, open-mindedness, the Team should discuss about the taste of the product to be tested. It is also important to be able to questions and concerns about a product raise. For the End-consumer-everything should be tastes perfectly. A particular advantage of this job: in the evening you are no longer hungry.

If you met all the conditions, there is a good chance to get the dream job. The place of work of the tester of the company will be on-site in Wokingham. Good English skills are an advantage.

Training for the taste buds

download the own skills as a chocolate-testers can maximize, will, in addition, nervous a workout for the taste of the company. The Training will help load the different chocolate to be able to distinguish flavours to accurately assess it. In addition, according to the company, important for this delicious Job: Lust on the different variations of chocolate. For a chocolate-loving applicants the, but it is certainly the lightest of conditions.

sources: Mondelez International / “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”


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