China’s President Xi Jinping wants to force “reunification” with democratic Taiwan, if necessary also with violence. China must and will be re-United, said Xi Jinping on Wednesday according to the official Xinhua news Agency in a speech in the Great hall of the people in Beijing. An independent Taiwan would be inconsistent with the Trend of history and will lead into a cul-de-SAC.

China wants to achieve a peaceful reunification, but “no room for separatist activities,” said Xi Jinping. “We give no promise to renounce the use of force, and reserve the right to take all necessary funds.”

in China and fled to Taiwan partially isolate

The dispute over the Status of Taiwan goes back to the civil war in China, as the troops of the Chinese Kuomintang, after its defeat by Mao’s Communists, to Taiwan. Since the founding of the people’s Republic in 1949, Beijing considers the island Republic, which keeps itself democratic elections, as the own territory and has threatened a re-conquest.

China angered by U.S. law to travel of government representatives to Taiwan


Until 1971, Taipei, China had in the United Nations, and thus also in the security Council represented before Beijing took over the decision of the UN General Assembly this role. Beijing operation recently strengthened the international isolation of Taiwan. Of two dozen mostly smaller States, which had recognised Taiwan diplomatically, could Beijing, five more on his side.

Taiwan, not to think of the task of its sovereignty

Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing-Wen, rejected on Wednesday the threat from Beijing. As in her new year’s speech the day before, you said that Taiwan “will give up its sovereignty or concessions with respect to its autonomy”. Beijing must face up to the reality of the “Republic of China”. As Taiwan is officially called.


The end of the West: Research on four continents – what is the world coming to us?

Tsai Ing-Wen was gone since he came to power two years ago, with her party, the DPP, unlike the predecessor government of the Kuomintang to Beijing more and more distance. The bad relations with the big neighbour, the island Republic of the columns increasingly, what has been referred to as one of the reasons why the progress party (DPP), the President suffered in the local elections a setback.

Tsai Ing-Wen said that, as Chairman of the DPP to withdraw. As a President remains in office.

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