cockroaches are not usually the kind of animals that you would like to meet. And yet they, too, have their function in the Ecosystem – sometimes you need to turn even the back straight, which blew up at the man. In China, the cockroaches will come in the future an important role: The small animals will help to solve the garbage problem in the middle Kingdom.

the Chinese pre-breeding, formally an army of cockroaches. As the news Agency Reuters reported, for example, on the outskirts of Jinan, a large city with seven million inhabitants, a billion(!) Cockroaches kept. Your task in life is to destroy the garbage of the residents. Every day they are fed with 50 tons of kitchen waste.

roaches are to garbage problem in China solve

“cockroaches are waste, a biotechnological way for the transformation and processing of food,” says expert Liu Yusheng. The “South China Morning Post” reported already in spring, on a gigantic Farm, to be bred to the annual six billion cockroaches for this purpose – almost as many as there are people in the world. The entire system is functioning largely as a result of artificial intelligence, the report says, there was hardly any people. In the meantime, several such farms exist, more are in the planning.

cockroaches became breeding in the fast-growing China as lucrative as the relevant line of business. Time of your life the animals are to eat the garbage of the people in – in China, far more waste is produced than can be processed cities in the conventional manner. After her death, the roaches will be fed to pigs.

researchers warn of “catastrophe”

Even in modern medicine, they are used, according to the “South Morning China Post”, for example, in the case of gastric inflammation. In other countries, however, drugs that are made from cockroaches would not be taken seriously. There, cockroaches are still considered primarily as disgusting animals. “It is a disgusting insect,” Han Yijun, a spokesman for a pharmaceutical company in Beijing, “But there are hardly any medications with the same effect.”

so versatile, the possibilities cockroaches also provide breeding in the great style, also holds dangers. Professor Zhu Chaodong, who conducts research on the Evolution of insects, warns of a “catastrophe” for the case, that the insects of a day, could reach freedom. Billions of cockroaches, which descend on cities – that does sound like a scenario, like in a horror movie. The animals reproduce quickly and survive even under the most adverse conditions. The scientist therefore calls for stronger security measures in the farms.

sources: “Reuters”, “South China Morning Post”


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