How to change the world without the people? She breathes and thrives – that can be observed in the exclusion zone around the damaged nuclear power plant of Chernobyl. For the people of the nuclear accident was a misfortune, but all of the other types is better.

On the 26. April 1986 occurred in the power plant incident, in giant clouds, radio moved to the active Material over Europe. Over 100,000 people lived in a Zone that was locked as contaminated. At that time, the territory of the USSR, today Ukraine and Belarus. “People can live here again. Impossible – not once in 24,000 years,” says the Minister of the environment of Ukraine Hanna Vronska.

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scientists debate the long-term effects of radiation for plants and animals, but the eyes glow, the animal world, the radiation will not be intimidated. In the midst of the ubiquitous warning signs of the eagle and the wolves are back, the absolute ruler. Owls and woodpeckers inhabit the ruins of the building. To researchers, a couple of hunters and a few diehards, the old, the to life all of the Forbidden, in Spite of in the Wilderness, the area is empty of people. The white Russian photographer Vasily Fedosenko has observed the animals in their Kingdom.

This Situation it is likely to have since the stone age not given: A Zone is spared large as the state of Luxembourg by the people. And in an area that is not close to the poles, but the animals, temperate climate, lush Vegetation, and good living conditions.

The absence of people enhances the life of the species in such a way that the scientists is hardly possible, the negative impact of radioactivity on the Population. Minister Vronska want to reallocate the restricted zones in the largest biosphere reserve in Europe. This state of the animals would be virtually officially.

night-active mammals

people Everywhere! The animals flee in the night

In the early period of the earth had to hide the mammals from the overpowering dinosaurs. They were only active at night. Today, the man sells you, you can escape the day and seek refuge in the night.

Gernot Kramper

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