Loaded known of Russia-report of the US special investigator, Donald Trump more than in the past? As the New York Times (NYT) reported, some investigators dissatisfied with the summary, published by the Ministry of justice. Of the confidential report, which will include almost 400 pages, yet only a four-page short-version is known. The but would not give the results of the investigation adequately, cited the sheet from anonymous employees from special investigator Robert Mueller. The allegations against the US President are heavier than they’ve shown of the Minister of justice, William Barr.

False impression

Robert Mueller was almost followed up for two years, the question of whether there was in the case of the alleged Russian Attempt to influence the presidential election in 2016, the collusion between Moscow and Trumps choice of fight camp. At the end of March, he has finished his work, and a confidential report to Minister of justice, William Barr passed. He, in turn, published a four-page résumé. As can be seen, the Trump, is not knowingly cooperation with Moscow can be demonstrated. But it will relieve the US President is not explicit, even though Trump himself claims to the contrary. According to the “NYT” fear of the officials interviewed, that could, in the Public a false impression about their findings.


US President Donald Trump looks relieved by the report of the special investigator Robert Mueller

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Presumably, the full report will be available in the near future. The democratic party in the U.S. house of representatives, the majority, has requested the surrender without significant Redactions, to which the FBI and the justice Department sit, for legal reasons, currently. The decision of the deputies will also enforce the submission of Material of a number of persons from the Trump environment, including his former communications Director, Hope Hicks.

Donald Trump looks relieved

Trump had declared that he considered Mueller’s report as a “complete discharge” of all the allegations against him in connection with Russia. He accused the Democrats, they were obsessed with it, to pin anything on him, and let nothing satisfy. In the Ministry of justice to be the “NYT” , but dissatisfied with the special investigator Mueller, because he had relieved the President is neither applied to nor. The question of whether Trump has made with the release of FBI chief James Comey of the judiciary-influence guilty, decided by the first Minister of justice, Barr innocent – when in doubt, for the accused.
sources: New York Times, REUTERS

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