Prior to the closed meeting of the CDU Federal Executive Board is, according to the party the call for sharper contours of economic policy.

There is “a certain desire to have a stronger economic profile,” said CDU Vice Thomas Strobl, the Newspapers of the Funke media group. The economic Council of the CDU, demanded that the proposals of the defeated chairmanship candidate, Friedrich Merz, who had, after five years of a Grand coalition as a kind of liberation.

The CDU national Executive on Sunday and Monday in the Brandenburg state capital Potsdam in the exam. The party wants a choice, among other things, on the state elections in Bremen, Saxony, Brandenburg and Thuringia, as well as Europe on March 26. May tune-in to.

For the internal cohesion in the East, the pension question is important, as many believed, said Thuringia’s CDU-in-chief Mike Mohring, the German press Agency. He suggested the introduction of a basic pension of ten percent of the basic fuse. The live performance will be recognized by those the acquisition of which was broken biography through the process of adjustment since 1990, said Mohring. First of all, the news magazine “der Spiegel reported” about the initiative.

The now-retired previous Generation to feel the consequences of the broken employment histories, said Mohring. “This pension income is missing today, company pensions and private Pension provision, simply because it was impossible to build them up.” In one of Mohring co-authored the paper says, according to dpa-information, children’s education and Care would need to be included in such basic pension. In addition, the exemption rules for self-occupied property should be improved. A basic pension benefit to those, “who have worked for life or fault, by the collapse of the GDR economy, only broken employment histories have”.

According to dpa-information is not initially planned to decide the paper to the basic pension during the Executive Board meeting. The new party boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer can go positively voted in the exam. In surveys, it looks like your choice is better for the CDU. Also, the question of satisfaction with politicians Kramp-karrenbauer in the ARD”Germany trend” made a significant leap forward.

On Thursday, it was reported that Merz is scheduled to work as a member of the CDU circle of experts to a social market economy, and also on the new basic programme of the party. Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) said the “Rheinische Post”: “I think it’s good that Friedrich Merz is involved in the party.” A crack between the Merz-bearing and Kramp cart Builder, trailers, brink, the house doesn’t look like a tight decision at the party Congress.


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