for Three years, a Thai lived-cat calm and happy with his new owner in Cologne, then he went on an involuntary journey. “One day, Jack was gone,” says the 25-Year-old compared to the “Express”. She hoped to find him soon, because he wore a Chip under the skin of the pet registry, Tasso was recorded. It took another three years until she saw her cat.

Jack had come in this time around a lot, had lived in the district of Cologne Ostheim and in the rural Kürten. Only a few weeks ago a Tasso-employees volunteered at the supposedly the former owner, because a new holding decency change and you want to make inquiries. The she responded promptly, and called her cat.

A reunion with smack

The race-cat moved relatively quickly in his Cologne apartment, his trip should come to his owner, but still expensive. 600 euros demanded an animal shelter in Kurten from the 25-Year-olds for the costs incurred.

Moving return

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“I can see that the shelter costs were incurred. But I find that too much,” she told the tabloid.

In September 2015 was submitted to Jack in the Cologne animal shelter, after he was a Pensioner, and a long period of time she had lived. How long the cat was with her, could not specify the health-impaired woman. At the shelter, there were apparently several changes of ownership, such as the “Express” reported. As a new holder wanted to make the hangover finally, in the case of Tasso register, the contact to the original owner.

And what is the Cologne-based animal shelter says?

Actually, it would have been the task of the shelter, to investigate the origin of the animal – with the Chip, the search would have taken only a few minutes. At the request of the “Express” said the Executive Director of the shelter: “This case went really stupid. Otherwise, you can’t say it.” On the payment to the owner, it seems to exist anyway.

Jack himself is likely to dismiss twitch the payment with a shoulder, for him, the adventure has a Happy ending. After a few days he was back to his Old, told his relieved owner.

source: “Express”



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