The bones of the ruler from the burial mound of helm’s village in Saxony-Anhalt are neatly spread out on a black cloth. After 3846 years ago, the coroner, Frank Ramsthaler confirmed: “It was murder”. The ruler has fallen in the era of the sky disc of Nebra victim to an assassination.

it Was an intrigue? A Throne? “The extensive research results will be published in the first half of the year 2019,” says country archaeologist Harald Meller. “The stone in rolling brought my Co-author Kai Michel at work on our new book ‘The sky disc of Nebra’.” He suggested that the Remains of the helmet dorfer Prince yet once examined. “After all, it is in the bones the only Remains of the people from the direct environment of the sky disc,” says Michel. “As far as we see now, have we discovered the oldest actually verifiable murder of the Prince story.”

Prince-murder by a dagger?

“for the First time, we investigated the bone in 2012/13,” says anthropologist Nicole Nicklisch. “At the time, we suspected that some cooking show injuries caused by sharp violence.”

blue tooth-coin treasure

archaeologists make on the island of Rügen “outstanding” discovery – especially for Denmark


Frank Ramsthaler, Deputy Director of the Institute for legal medicine of the University of Saarland in Homburg, Germany, says: “To the bone, three violations can be detected. Possibly there are more, but these three were already deadly. The murder weapon could be a dagger, its blade must be 15 inches long.”

The coroner reconstructed the possible Tatablauf: A great determination in running stitch went in the belly area. The dagger’s tip hit the eleventh thoracic vertebrae, leaving a visible notch of 6 mm length and 3 mm depth. To push through the stomach and the vertebrae such flocked to inflict, it needed a huge force. The victim has been either on the wall or lay on the floor. Otherwise, the offender would not be able to push the dagger into the bones. He will also have hit the main artery.

Hungarian archaeologists discover treasure on the Danube sunken ship,

In a in the Danube sunken ship from the 18th century. Century recovered by the Hungarian archaeologists a treasure trove of about 2000 Gold and silver coins.


“In prächirurgischen times meant certain death,” says the expert. Another stitch met the Prince of above and behind the clavicle, and split the left shoulder blade. Numerous blood vessels, but also parts of the lung is hurt, the dagger, and also the deadly. “The talks for an experienced warrior,” says Meller, “the Roman gladiators put there to shock the death.”

helmet dorfer Prince was guileless>

A Tyrant killing? But of the approximately 30 – to 50-year-old Prince was buried with all honour among a huge hill. As a home researcher Hermann Größler (1840 to 1910) addition of the Prince’s tomb in 1907, digging up, he found the rulers of the skeleton on an oak death-bed, Golden jewelry as a grave. The Meller and Michel in their book, adopted in the first high culture North of the Alps, the Kingdom of Aunjetitz, was so strengthened, so that it survived the assassination of a ruler. Immediately afterwards, the Kingdom flourished, until today, the sky disc of Nebra at the state Museum for prehistory in Halle.

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