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Israel’s Parliament dissolves – free way for early election (20 hours), and brother of Mafia-state evidence, in spite of police protection in Italy, shot to death (15: 53)Japan announces withdrawal from the International whaling Commission (12.55 p.m.)police of Baltimore buys residents 2000 weapons (10.15)Argentina 32 years after the abduction resurfaced (8.50 PM)

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+++ 20 o’clock: Israel’s Parliament dissolves – free way for early election +++

The Israeli Parliament has been dissolved, paving the way for an early election. 102 of the total of 120 members of the Knesset voted on Wednesday evening in Jerusalem for a decision. Two voted against it and the Rest was absent. Of Israel head of government Benjamin Netanyahu had on Monday the decision of his coalition for a new election on may 9. April confirmed. His right-religious coalition government was the last to come under increasing pressure. Since the resignation of defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman in November, Netanyahu had to govern with a razor-thin majority. Votes in the Knesset were increasingly becoming a nail-biter for the coalition.

+++ 19.30: Iranian Ministry grants: Hardly any independent media in the country +++

The Iranian Ministry of education has acknowledged that there is almost no independent media in the country. “The vast majority of our media are owned either by the state or financed by the government”, – said the head of the media research Department in the Ministry, Hamid-Reza Siaeiparwar, on Wednesday, according to the Isna news Agency. This media acted more as a mouthpiece of the political parties and could – because of their ideological dependence – no investigative journalism to operate, he added.

+++ 18h30: Paris: Two men with weapons, dummies solve at the airport, panic +++

At the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, two men with weapons, dummies on Wednesday, for panic. The Terminal 2 of the airport was cleared on Wednesday for about 45 minutes, the suspects, the items proved to be according to information from investigators circles as usually of shooters used airsoft weapons. The two men had spoken in Russian, were taken, according to the.

+++ 17.57: man starts Atlantic crossing in a ton of +++

A 71-year-old Frenchman on Wednesday in a kind of ton of a trip across the Atlantic started. Jean-Jacques Savin stabbed on the Spanish Canary island of El Hierro in the lake, as he told the AFP news Agency by telephone. “The weather is great,” he said. “I have a swell of a Meter, and get two to three miles an hour.” The former paratrooper had prepared for months on the journey. In three months he wants to arrive in the Caribbean, its resin coated plywood-ton to get him only with the help of the current and the Wind to your destination. Where exactly he will go to the country, don’t know Savin: “Maybe Barbados, but I would love a French island like Martinique or Guadeloupe, it would be easier for the papers, to the ton.”

+++ 17.05 PM: Constitutional court justice Bader Ginsburg from the New York hospital +++

The highly respected U.S. Constitution, judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been released after a cancer treatment from the hospital. The 85-going to recover the Year now home to more of the intervention in a New York hospital, informed the constitutional court in Washington. The determined opponent of the policy of U.S. President Donald Trump had been removed two tumors from her left lung.

The lawyer and feminist who had been appointed in 1993 as the second woman ever to the Supreme court of the United States, belongs to the liberal minority on the Supreme Court. The Supreme court decides on important issues such as the right to abortion, or gun ownership. Trump has appointed in his term of office, two arch-conservative judges in the panel.

+++ 15: 53: Italy: brother of Mafia key witness dies in spite of police protection, and Minister of the post Nutella bread +++

The brother of a Mafia leniency has been shot in Italy by Unknown. The case attracted particular attention, because the man was under the special protection of the Ministry of interior, as the news Agency Ansa reported. Nevertheless, the perpetrators on Tuesday evening, killing the 51-Year-old with at least 20 shots of this parked his car in a Garage. In the case of the dead it’s supposed to be the brother of a member of a family of the Mafia organization ‘Ndrangheta.

The day after the murder, there was criticism of the Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini. He had tweeted on Wednesday morning, a Selfie with a Nutella-bread. “If you have eaten bread and Nutella, we would like to have some information,” wrote the mayor of Pesaro, Matteo Ricci, and on Twitter at Salvini directed. The city was distraught due to the murder of a man who was under witness protection. Salvini, announced on Thursday at a Meeting in the Prefecture of Pesaro.

+++ 14.45: Martin Schulz for the SPD in the European elections +++

Martin Schulz, former SPD party leader and long-time President of the EU Parliament, for his party in the European election campaign. “I’m part of the Europe campaign in the coming year,” said Schulz, the Newspapers of the editorial network in Germany. “There will be an official appearances in the election campaign, in which I am fighting for my party.” An office he did not strut, but, said Schulz.

Europe is waiting on the Federal Republic of Germany. “After the Brexit Germany must go as the Pro-European partners,” said Schulz. In the European elections, it is important that the values of tolerance, freedom and solidarity. “The values for which the SPD is – and this is a major opportunity.” Specifically, Schulz calls for an Internet tax for large digital companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. The coalition in Berlin, have committed. “If you want to win back trust, you must do that.”

+++ 12.55 PM: Japan announces withdrawal from the International whaling Commission +++

Japan will withdraw from the International whaling Commission (IWC) commercial whaling to resume. The government spokesman Yoshihide Suga announced. Therefore, the country wants to hunt from next July, for commercial purposes of whales. This will however be confined to Japan’s territorial waters and exclusive economic zones, assured the government spokesman. “We are not the waters in the Antarctic or in the southern hemisphere to hunt.”

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