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Seehofer can be consequences of an AfD-membership for civil servants (6.08 PM)researcher: glacier volume was estimated to be high (5.55 PM)at Least 17 Dead in hotel fire in New Delhi (5.37 hours), and Twelve injured in tram collision near Paris (3.05 PM)the FDP submits with basic pension a counter-model to the basic pension of the SPD (2.30 PM)Trump looks “40 years of failure” in Iran (0.40 PM)

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+++ 7.04 PM: Guaidó reports Delivery of first aid delivery in Venezuela +++

Venezuela’s Opposition has received information in spite of blocked borders first aid supplies. The self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó on Monday evening (local time) a Video on Twitter that shows him between cardboard boxes and Stacks of white boxes. He has also held packet with the inscription “micro-nutrients in powder form” in the camera. The first of 1.7 million servings of food intended for pregnant women and malnourished children, wrote Guaidó. How he came to the deliveries, he said. For Tuesday, he announced more demonstrations.

+++ 6.30 PM: Brazilian star journalist in the helicopter crash killed +++

In a helicopter crash in the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo is a multi-award-winning Journalist and the Pilot were killed. The 66-year-old Ricardo Radio and television presenter was Boechat at the station Bandeirantes. Previously, he had also worked for the famous Newspapers of the country such as “Jornal do Brasil”, “O Estado de São Paulo” and “O Globo”. He won three most prestigious journalism award in the country.

“In deep sadness, the Bandeirantes media group mourns the death of journalist Ricardo Boechat and the pilots Ronaldo Quatrucci,” wrote his station on Monday (local time) on Twitter. Also, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro condolences on Twitter.

+++ 6.20 PM: the next deportation flight to Afghanistan for next week’s planned +++

in Spite of the precarious security situation in Afghanistan should be deported in the middle of next week again rejected asylum seekers from Germany to Kabul. The flight should be this coming Tuesday (19.2.) in Kabul, the arrival, was confirmed by an employee of the Afghan refugee Ministry on Tuesday. In December 2016, a total of 474 men in 20 collection were deportations to Afghanistan.

The deportations are controversial, because the war against the radical Islamic Taliban and the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) continues in Afghanistan. In the last week at least 58 of the security forces of the government in battles were killed. 20 civilians on Friday in an air strike in southern Afghanistan killed.

+++ 6.08 PM: Seehofer can be consequences of an AfD-membership for civil servants check +++

the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU), in his Ministry of the check, the consequences can have a AfD-membership for civil servants and employees in the public service. “This is a question that we are still considering very carefully. It is often brought to our attention,” said Seehofer, the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “Therefore, I have asked my house, this question of membership and what are the obligations for officers in terms of political restraint, to check very carefully for me.” This test should be in a few weeks to complete, said the Minister of the interior. Seehofer stressed that the examination of political activities by civil servants and state should apply to the staff for all directions, both “Right – to-left radicals”. The decision of the house to deal with the legal situation and the obligations of state employees, in addition, regardless of the recent decision of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution to classify the party as a “test case”.

+++ 5 .55 at: researchers: glacier volume was estimated to be high +++

The volume of most of the glacier is a new study shows that less than previously assumed. The have an impact on the freshwater supply, the authors write. Because if there is less melt water coming from the mountain, led the rivers, the agriculture need for irrigation, less water. The researchers, led by Daniel Nine of the Swiss Federal Institute of technology Zurich published the study in the journal “Nature Geoscience”. The data were important to the development of the climate change shrinking glaciers.

The researchers, the volume of Ice estimated 215 000 glaciers on 158 000 cubic kilometers. The be 18 percent less than the average of previous estimates. Take into account for satellite images, outlines of glaciers, digital elevation models, as well as information about the flow behavior of glaciers. The sea ice and the associated ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica left them. About half of the remaining glaciers in the Arctic areas of North America and Russia.

+++ 5.37 PM: at Least 17 Dead in hotel fire in New Delhi +++

In the case of a hotel fire in the Indian capital New Delhi at least 17 people have been killed. Among the dead were a woman and a child, were the head of the fire Department of New Delhi, G. C. Misra, said Tuesday the news Agency AFP. According to media reports, the woman and child died when they jumped in their attempt to escape the flames from a window. In the case of the fire at the Hotel Arpit Palace, were injured, according to the fire Department, three people. 35 people were rescued. The fire had broken out in the night. The images were flames to be seen in the top floor of the three-story building and thick smoke. The fire brigade could bring the fire after several hours under control. In India, it always comes back to deadly fires. Safety regulations are often not adhered to.

+++ 5.30 PM: Lucke appealed to AfD members: limits you right-wing extremists from +++

AfD-founder Bernd Lucke, the temperate members of his former party has asked to offer the extreme Right in the forehead. In one of the German press Agency present open letter “to the extreme right-wing members of the AfD,” writes hatch: “Break with the right-wing extremists in the AfD! Out of limits you and ask you to leave your party.” Those who still have doubts as to the ethos of the party members, should only be the opinion of the constitutional protection of the AfD, which was fun. “Why to let the extreme Right have you a home?”, the fire letter from the Economics Professor. And: “Whoever is silent, is complicit.” Not only Holocaust deniers and Skinheads are not extreme right, but also German, the rise of the “about people of other origin, just because they are English”.

+++ 5.12 PM: shipping is preparing to stricter environmental regulations +++

The shipping industry prepares for stricter environmental limits, which occur at the beginning of the coming year. The international Maritime Organisation IMO had already decided in 2016 to reduce the maximum limit for sulphur in fuel by 2020 from 3.5 to 0.5 percent. Many shipowners had been hoping that this date be postponed again in the future, or a transitional period will be set. But this is not done, the strict sulfur value shall apply from the beginning of next year.

The shipowner in this Situation, you have three possibilities to comply with the rules: you switch from heavy fuel oil to marine diesel, a build up in the vessels, a cleaning system, or to equip the entire ship liquefied natural gas LNG as a fuel. Most choose to switch to marine diesel.

+++ 4.26 PM: a footballer from Bahrain to prison back in Australia +++

The former football player Hakim Al-Araibi from Bahrain detention in Thailand, after two and a half months back in Australia. The 25-Year-old landed after his release on Tuesday, with a machine from Bangkok to the airport of Melbourne. There he was welcomed by family and friends. Earlier a Thai court had ruled that the extradition procedure against him.

The case of the actually fairly unknown professionals had made international headlines. Bahrain is an authoritarian control of the Kingdom on the Persian Gulf – accuses him to have during the “Arab spring” riots involved. In the absence, he was sentenced to ten years in prison. With a stay in Thailand, he was taken at the end of November, at the request of Bahrain.

+++ 3.05 PM: Twelve injured in collision between two trams in the Paris suburb +++

The collision between two road Issy-les cars in the Paris suburbs-Moulineaux were injured twelve people, one of them seriously. According to the Paris transport authority RATP is a tram drove up on Monday evening from the initially unknown cause of the back to a standing Tram. In this case, between two stops, standing tram derailed. A fire Department spokesman said a man had been seriously injured in the accident. Eleven other people suffered thus lighter injuries. Nine of the injured were taken to hospitals. Accidents of this type are in Paris, very rare. Investigations should now clarify how it could come to the collision. Issy-les-Moulineaux is bordered to the South West of Paris.

+++ 2.30 PM: FDP sets with basic-pension model to the basic pension of the SPD +++

The FDP has the basic pension of social Affairs and Hubertus Heil (SPD) as too expensive, unfair, and not goal-directed criticized, and with their basic pension, a counter-model presented. The social policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, John bird, said the German press Agency, salvation basic pension hurting both the performance as well as the principle of equality. Who pays for 34 years, “is not taken into account in the model at all and gets for his deposits less from the pension than someone who pays less, but this has done a couple of months longer. Such an arbitrary case, the settlement effect is disrespectful to the life of the people,” argued bird.

+++ 1.50 PM: Kramp-Karrenbauer sees SPD-social plans “very critical” +++

rejected by The CDU leader, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has the majority of the social policy plans of the SPD. The proposals for qualification, you can talk to “you again,” said Kramp-Karrenbauer on Monday evening in the ARD”Tagesthemen”. Anything but “very critical”, in particular, that “support and Challenge is given up as a principle a good deal far”. SPD Leader Andrea Nahles defended meanwhile the departure of your party of Hartz IV.

The social state concept of the social Democrats, provides for a decrease in sanctions for Hartz IV recipients to support violations, and a longer reference to the higher unemployment benefits for older unemployed, and more targeted training. After 58 years, it should be according to the will of the social Democrats up to three years of unemployment benefit I, to reward long-standing depositors, and to close the justice gaps in the System.

+++ 1.25 PM: Macron loses his chief strategists Ismaël Emelien +++

France’s state chief Emmanuel Macron loses for the second Time within a few weeks, a close friend and key employees. His special adviser and chief strategist Ismaël Emelien announced in the magazine “Le Point” to leave the Elysée Palace. To justify the Macron-Trusted in the first hour, called a book project on progressive policy. The President says his advisers, to publish books, while you work for him. Emelien will leave the presidential Palace, according to their own information until the beginning of April. The 31-Year-old has for years been a close companion of Macrons and belongs to the closest circle of the President. The secretive policy strategist was already during the election campaign, one of the most important ideas Macrons. Later, he provided the President, but also Ministers and members of Parliament with a reasoning based on current political topics. So Macrons famous phrase “Make our planet great again” as a reaction to the US President, Donald Trump announced the exit of the USA from the Paris climate change agreement comes from him.

+++ 0.40 PM: Trump looks “40 years of failure” in Iran +++

40. The anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, has criticized US President Donald Trump, the leadership in Tehran harsh. “40 Years Of Corruption. 40 Years Of Oppression. 40 years of Terror,” wrote Trump on Monday in the short message service Twitter. “The Regime in Iran has only brought 40 years of failure.” The Long-suffering Iranian people deserve a “better future”. The message was also published in Persian. Similar to comments previously Trumps National security adviser John Bolton. Bolton spoke on Twitter of “four decades of failure and broken promises”. The Iranian leadership has not kept its Promises to protect the rights of citizens.

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