The deafening blast of a minimum of a fireworks in a shopping centre seems to have been as a prank for a Youtube Video is planned. The police said according to initial findings, after they had taken a fifth suspect. The 17-year-old Jounes Amiri from Wolfsburg that has on the video platform with his channel, more than 300,000 subscribers, is said to have commissioned shortly after the incident arrested four young people to ignite fireworks, and movies the fact. For this, he should have the young people at the age of 14 and 15 years, a two-digit sum of money offered, a spokesman said.

The Explosion on Saturday evening in the centre in the city centre was in the middle of triggered in the pre-Christmas hype panic. Hundreds of visitors fled from the building. At least 30 people had suffered shock, bruises or abrasions, reported to the police.

young people ignite firecrackers for the Youtube Video

no one was hit, according to initial investigations. Whether it was one or more of the fireworks, was on Monday still unexplained.

The investigators had taken the four young people quickly. The role of the little later asked 17-year-old “Youtube Influencers” was uncertain. He didn’t want to publish a own Youtube channel and the movie, it was two days after the fact. Against all five will be determined because of dangerous bodily injury.

epp / DPA

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