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Belgium’s Premier Michel wants to resign (4.26 p.m.), Eleven children in a school bus accident injured (2.48 PM)CDU and the greens in Hesse coalition agreement (1.56 p.m.),”Big”Director Penny Marshall died (1.43 PM)

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+++ 6.25 am: UK companies warn of malicious “No-Deal”scenario +++

UK businesses warn of the damage caused to the economy of the country by the prospect of a possible disorderly Brexit. Shops of any size were now “to the point of no Return”, which is crippling the economy, warned the five largest commercial Agency groups in the country, in a joint statement.

“With horror” watch companies in the scramble of the members of the Brexit-the agreement of the Prime Minister Theresa May. In view of this, the probability of a “No-Deal”scenario increases, a Unger Brexits apply at the end of March 2019. In preparation for this, many companies in contingency to put plans and paused or distributed investments that should actually be “boosting productivity, innovation, Jobs, and wages” in the country. Offices, factories, and therefore jobs and tax revenues from immigrants from the UK, it said.

+++ 5.13 PM: Pennsylvania is Uber self-driving cars back on the road +++

The US state of Pennsylvania has given the car service provider Uber the green light for the resumption of Tests with self-driving cars. The Autonomous vehicles to drive on the streets of Pittsburgh, told About. The US group operates in the city, a research center for self-driving cars. In March, a self-driving car in the US had hit the state of Arizona a pedestrian. Uber put the testing of such vehicles in several places in North America are being put on hold.

+++ 4.52 PM: earthquake shakes Easter island +++

An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 has shaken in the night the Easter island. The center of the quake was Southeast of the Chile belonging to island in the South Pacific at a depth of nearly ten kilometres, such as the U.S.-earthquake, told to wait. About any damage or casualties among the nearly 6000 inhabitants of the island for its huge stone statues famous, no information was provided.

+++ 4.26 PM: Belgium’s Premier Michel wants to get back the king will want to choose +++

to convey To the resignation announcement of Belgium’s head of government, Charles Michel, king Philippe will probably be the first on Wednesday about the relevant application. Prior to that, wants to meet the Monarch, according to media reports in the course of the day, with the various party leaders to consultations, to the political options to explore. As in Belgium, already in may 2019, a new Parliament is elected, could appoint the king, theoretically, Michel again with a formation of a new government for the next five months.

Michel, who leads the centre-Right coalition since 2014, had announced on Tuesday evening-surprisingly, his resignation, and the king his letter of resignation handed over. Shortly before the social Democrats and the greens had announced in Parliament a motion of censure against the liberal Michel. With him, Michel should be asked, within 48 hours of policy changes.

+++ 3. 58 PM: Cuba does not take a paragraph to marriage for All in the new Constitution +++

Cuba formulations, which could pave the way for marriage for All has been deleted from the draft for a new Constitution. In order to respect all of the opinions on the topic, will not be included in the appropriate section first in the draft, informed the national Assembly of the socialist island state, on Tuesday on Twitter. After two years of this interim solution should be determined in a referendum, and a Referendum on the family code, who can enter into a marriage.

+++ 3.23 PM: at Least 19 killed in bus crash in Uganda +++

In the case of a serious bus accident in the district of Kapchorwa in the East of Uganda, at least 19 people have been killed. Other media spoke of 20 dead. Six other occupants were seriously injured. After the match the media had rolled over the Bus from a still unknown cause of multiple reports. The victim had previously visited the Sipi waterfalls on the edge of the national Park of Mount Elgon. According to initial, unconfirmed Reports it was the employees of a foreign-funded company.

+++ 2.48 PM: Eleven children in a school bus accident injured – truck driver is dead +++

In a collision between a school bus and a truck in Bavaria is the driver of the Truck died. The eleven children on the Bus suffered according to police, minor injuries and were taken to hospitals. The bus driver was injured in the accident on Tuesday afternoon in lower Bavaria hard. According to the initial findings of the two vehicles in a curve, were pushed head-on. The cause of the accident remained unclear. An expert is determined. The road was blocked for several hours.

+++ 2.18 PM: 600 houses in case of major fire in the slums in Brazil +++

burned In a large fire in a poor neighborhood in the Northern Brazilian city of Manaus, some 600 houses are up in flames. According to information from the health authorities, at least 17 people were at the fire were injured. A government representative of the Federal state of Amazonas, spoke of “perhaps the largest urban fire in the history of Manaus”.

some 100 firefighters were deployed to extinguish the fire in the poor district of Educandos. The authorities suspect that the fire broke out during cooking. The flames spread in the densely populated poor district, where many houses are made of wood, very rapidly. Because of the narrow streets the fire Department had great difficulties to reach the affected homes.

+++ 1.56 PM: the CDU and the greens in Hesse coalition agreement +++

the CDU and the greens, have agreed in the state of Hesse in a coalition agreement. The Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) and his Deputy Tarek Al-Wazir (Green party) informed, after eleven hours of negotiations early Wednesday morning in Wiesbaden. The black-green coalition in Hesse since the beginning of 2014.

+++ 1.43 PM: “Big”Director Penny Marshall, at the age of 75 years died +++

The Hollywood Director Penny Marshall, which turned, among others, the hit Comedy “Big” with Tom Hanks, is dead. The filmmaker died on Monday at the age of 75 years in the Hollywood Hills to the consequences of Diabetes complications, like your Agent said. Many Hollywood stars expressed dismay over her death. “Goodbye, Penny”, actor Hanks wrote on Twitter. “Man, have we laughed. I wish we could do it. I love you.” Many paid tribute to Marshall’s sense of Humor, and your relaxed style, and her pioneering role as a woman in male-dominated Hollywood.

+++ 1.17 PM: Trump Government wants to Bump Stocks for firearms +++

prohibit The U.S. government from the President, Donald Trump has brought a ban of so-called Bump Stock on the way – Devices, the speed of semi-automatic weapons greatly increase. The White house announced. The Devices in most Parts of the USA, legally purchased semi-automatic rifle, de facto, to an automatic weapon and bypass the ban. The gun fires, although the trigger remains pressed and not re-operated.

Among other things, the death contactors of Las Vegas, the fired from his hotel room to the audience in a concert, and 58 people killed, such a Bump Stock had used. They are comparatively easy to prepare yourself and to be sold on the Internet for little money.

+++ 0.33 am: Green party leader calls for faster deportation of offenders +++

The Green-Chairman Anna Lena Baerbock urges faster deportation of rejected asylum seekers who have committed in Germany, repeated acts of violence. Baerbock said the “süddeutsche Zeitung”: “Delinquent asylum seekers, who do not accept our legal order and enforceable required to leave the country, should be a priority for deportation.” Preferably, the Refugees must be shown to be integrated in Germany, well, had the rule of law at the time of departure subject to multiple offenders “consistently gripping” – especially for sex offenders.

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