What First aid duties of a teacher have? The Federal Supreme court (BGH) decides today (9.45 PM) over a six-year-old case from Wiesbaden, Germany (Az. III ZR 35/18).

A student was broken in January 2013 at the warm up in the school sports suddenly. The then 18-year-old high school student suffered irreversible brain damage due to lack of oxygen supply. He is disabled today 100 percent hard. The now 24-Year-old has sued the state of Hesse due to a lack of First-aid measures. He calls at least EUR 500 000 for Pain and suffering, a good 100 000 Euro for the reimbursement of a material damage, a monthly more need a pension of about 3000 euros, as well as the finding of Hesse to pay for future costs.

In the lower courts, its action had no success. It was not certain whether there are any possible errors, the teacher would have affected the First help causally determine the state of health of the plaintiff. In contrast, the Revision is aimed in front of the Federal court of justice.



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