Actually, Robert Habeck is using the social networks sent to the self-representation. Also, with its trenchant formulations he has as a writer, no Problem. But now the Greens leader has enough and closes its accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Advance two quite different annoyances are gone: Only private Chats appeared with the family in the network, then it rained for the second Time, ridicule and criticism because of the election Statements (click here to read more on the subject).

The step by Habeck will be discussed by commentators is quite controversial: the Green-head with a good model or he is the debate of culture a disservice? The Press Votes.

Robert Habeck says, “Bye, Bye” to Facebook and Twitter – step is in the press, controversial

“Thüringer Allgemeine” (Erfurt) comments: “It is an accident Verb, and not the evil Twitter. It’s the old, vexing Problem of the Green. It’s called presumption. Although the Greens have understood by now that you, your educational type of harm. Less teaching, more explaining: the new strategy of humility. That Stupid is not just that humility is green. The party can simulate modesty often. Your missionary self-image permeates everywhere. However, it is precisely in East Germany, an instinctive aversion against organisations that declare themselves to be all-knowing winner of the story. And so the local weakness of the Greens may have a lot of structural reasons for this: At this point you earned yourself.”

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