The Berlin SPD and with a foray against the German armed forces visits to schools of criticism – even from his own party. “I’m appalled by the decision of the Berlin SPD, youth officers to ban the Bundeswehr in the schools,” wrote the Deputy Chairman of Bundestag Thomas Oppermann (SPD) on Twitter.

“The BW is democratic, a Parliament army. The soldiers deserve our respect. Who decides such nonsense, should think himself of our schools.”

The Berlin SPD had decided advertising on a national Congress on Saturday the request for a prohibition of the Bundeswehr in schools. “It says military organizations, to advertise at the Berlin schools for the service and work in the military sphere”, – stated in it.

“minors susceptible to military Propaganda,”

minors are in age, in the key of life and values still need to develop. “Accordingly, susceptible you are to military Propaganda and ignorance to the real dangers of a military operation,” reads the notice.

The Ministry of defense criticized the decision. The Bundeswehr is a parliamentary army, and I have a constitutional order, a spokesman said. This also includes visits by youth officers and career advisers in schools.

ame / dpa

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