From the present 147 MPs voted 87 for the law, 60 deputies: In Berlin, every year, on 8 is. March, committed women’s day, the newest statutory holiday. The Berlin house of representatives voted on Thursday to second reading, finally, for the corresponding bill of the red-red-green state government.

A number of other parliaments had introduced in the past year, new holidays. While the North German Federal States made the reformation day holiday, said Thuringia the world children’s day a national holiday. The city-state of Berlin is the only German state with the women’s day as a holiday.

women’s day

Misleading studies to Laugh

The word on women’s day: Smile … no!

By Kerstin Herrnkind women’s day, won in West Germany in the ‘ 70s, the importance

This goes back to the conference of socialist women in 1910 in Copenhagen, the women’s rights activist Clara Zetkin was the initiator. From 1947, women’s day was celebrated in the GDR in West Germany, he won by the women’s movement from the 70s years.

The United Nations has called on in the framework of the international year of the woman for the first time, a Celebration of the 8. March 1975. In 1977, the UN General Assembly for the “day for women’s rights and world peace, called him out”.

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