winter sports enthusiasts, travellers and commuters on the other hand – whether in the car or by train – have to bring along plenty of patience: beginning this Friday, mountains with heavy snowfall is to be expected, especially in the Alps and the Eastern Mediterranean. The German weather service (DWD) issued for the southern tip of Germany, even a severe weather warning (level three out of four).

Alone in the foothills of the Alps, the meteorologists until Monday to be expected, therefore, between ten to 30 inches of the white stuff. Significantly more it’s going to snow in the North congestion. There, the air is jammed in front of mountain ranges or chains of hills, and can’t just move on. Instead, it rises, cools down and it comes to an increased formation of clouds with precipitation. In the Chiemgauer Alps and the Berchtesgadener Land even up to 100 inches of new snow are not excluded. It must also be with a smoothness expected.


Canadians build car from the snow in the Parking zone and the police falling for it

snow: Deutsche Bahn warns of impending traffic chaos

White splendor, albeit with a thinner Snow cover is expected to be in the higher altitudes of the black forest, the Swabian Alb, the Bavarian forest and the ore mountains. The disadvantage Of the night Saturday at the snow are likely to lead to massive delays on roads and rails.

Already in the Morning, the German rail travellers warned of a looming traffic chaos. “As of Friday evening disturbances in the train traffic due to the winter in Bavaria is possible,” the company said on the Ads in the train stations. “Please inform yourself in advance,” says a note. Online, the company announced a whole range of potentially affected routes and promised: “We will inform you constantly.” Passengers should be at the beginning, therefore, before the trip about your connection to , the App DB Navigator or fee-based telephone travel information, 0180-6996633 , whether your trains.


Canadians build car from the snow in the Parking zone and the police falling for it

Increased avalanche danger in unprotected areas

Of the one suffering is another man’s happiness: winter sports enthusiasts must adapt in the face of the massive onset of Winter on the perfectly groomed slopes and deep snow-covered landscapes. The Problem: The projected snowfall increases avalanche danger, so that the mountain rescue service and the German Alpine club were obliged to, in front of Ski or Hiking trips in unsafe areas to warn. The forces are in full alert, expect but with more rescue operations. “If the avalanche danger in the case of four or five on the scale, are significantly less people on the go,” said David Pichler of the mountain rescue service Chiemgau on Friday. Similarly, Thomas Bucher, the German Alpine Association: “The most fatal avalanche accidents occur at danger level three, because many of them underestimate the risk.”

According to Bucher will increase the avalanche danger in the next few days. That’s why you should check prior to scheduled tours of the avalanche situation report to the warning centre. On the piste but no one should have to fear.

the snow in Bavaria: Live Tracker shows where it is currently (especially heavily) snowing

In the following Live-Tracker you can track in real time how the weather developed in Germany – so the current snowfall development. By default, the map displays the temperature in all Parts of the Federal Republic of Germany. On the menu bar at the top right of the graph, you can set also the following display options:

wind, rain and snow thunderstorm air pressure

At the foot of the card, in turn, is an Animation with the forecasted weather over the course of available. This is started with a click on the “Play” Button. In addition, the click on a city name for more Details.

the Service Provided by the Portal The creators use for their presentations, and before the model say from the “European centre for medium-range weather forecasts”.

source: German weather service

mod with DPA

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