The dispute to Hitler’s birth house in Braunau am Inn in the next round: The lawyer of the former owner of the house is aiming for a multi-million dollar compensation for the expropriation. “The goal of 1.5 million Euro are clear,” reiterated the Salzburg lawyer Gerhard Lebitsch. An appraiser had determined at the trial before the regional court of Ried im Innkreis for the property, a range of 810 000 Euro to 1,5 million Euro. A judgment is made according to a court spokesman, “probably in January”.


dealing with Hitler’s birth house is finally to the demolition Posse


The Republic of Austria had paid to the owner of the house so far, 310.000 euros for the two-storey house with a garage and Parking. It was much too little, – says the lawyer. “The car Park is the only significant large urban Park area,” said Lebitsch the German press Agency. In addition, the current compensation does not take account of the special value, resulting from the level of previous rental payments and the character as a historic site. Lebitsch assumes that the litigation goes one way or the other in the next instance.

the buildings will be radically transformed

A legal clarification, according to recent information from the Ministry of interior is a prerequisite to the initiation of an international architectural competition. This is in response to the recommendation of a Commission of historians, a “profound transformation” of the building. The Republic wants to prevent the birth house of the later dictator could be a place of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis. Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) spent his first months of life in an apartment of the house.

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The Ex-owner of the birth house of Hitler complains in addition, before the European court of human rights against the expropriation. The appropriate action is tabled for some time, said Lebitsch. Whether the court will accept this Case, but also from the point of view of the lawyer is questionable.

building since 2011, the empty

“All would be happy if there was finally a decision,” said Florian Kotanko of the local Association for the history of the period. He would not have to follow the advice of the historian, and to dispense with the outer transformation. “Any change brings, in this sense, nothing, because they changed the story,” says Kotanko. From his point of view, it would be good, in the house of one of the rooms as a place for the admonishing reminder. “That would be an Option.”

the main user of the building could be the life to help you with your workshop for the Handicapped. The workshop was housed for decades in the Hitler house. In the dispute over the necessary renovation of the life pulled help. Since 2011, the building stands empty in the 16,000 inhabitants of the city directly on the border to Germany. In January 2017, the Alpine Republic has been through expropriation, the new owner of the property.


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