It was an unusual rescue, the London fire brigade since called. The owner of a business, which is located in the ground floor of the building, had heard strange noises behind the wall cladding. It sounded like the pitiful Call of an animal. So it is called as a precaution, the firemen – what proved to be a very good idea.

Vixey the Fox

How to get a British student, in addition to this, a small Fox large

By Wiebke Tomescheit

Because somehow pull had managed a young Fox to climb behind the wall cladding. There he sat now and came out again. “We had to use a saw and make a hole in the wall cut to him safely there to find out,” says firefighter Scott Magdalani. “Ian was a strong and vocal little Fox. It has not intimidated him at all, as we aufsägten the wall to free him.” The sweet name of Ian Little got, because the rescue action, one of the last missions before retirement for an ever-popular fire brigade colleague named Ian. So it wanted to pay tribute to the Team.

The firefighters rescued the small, Ian the life,

Scott Magdalani tells more: “The animal protection society gave us the advice, Ian in a cardboard box with a bit of water on the ground, because his mother to come, in all probability, and according to him would allow.” This Plan did not, however, as desired, because soon after, a Passerby who did not know the history of, and the Fox baby in a box to saw, a Wildlife sanctuary, and pointed to the little Ian called. Well not meant, in this case, but not optimal. The organization sent clueless a staff and takes care of the Little one. Thus, it is Ian and he is well looked after, we would probably go back with his mother.

The fire Department therefore advises, in such cases always check first with the animal protection Association to ask if a “rescue” in certain cases, is really necessary.

source: “Metro UK”


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