After all, what do you know, did the Great Sphinx of Giza 4000 years ago. A lion lying with a human head, unfathomable mystery in the Sand of the Egyptian desert. Incredibly beautiful, the Sphinx, but completely useless.

Melania Trump, 48, had saved Egypt for the finals. She had visited Ghana, Malawi, and Kenya. She had given away children pied, soccer balls, baby Elephant petted. She wore these dresses in the warm colors of Africa. Dresses that had put her French-born and in the year 2016, the naturalized body of Schneider, Hervé Pierre for the Trip out. Little Chanel, a little bit of Dior, the Usual. This tab pants, Linen and a pith helmet, such as Meryl Streep wore in “out of Africa”, as she accompanied her lover Denys Finch-Hatton on lion hunting. Melania Trump watching Zebras and giraffes, she shot no lions and no larger bucks. Only the one with the pith helmet. The Nigerian Blogger Onye Nkuzi compared it with the old title image from “Tintin in the Congo”, and the Western Twitter community was in a Furor about the accessory from the dark colonial period: “Instinktlos!” The African community saw, however, left it – a hat, what the heck!

It was Melania trump’s first big trip abroad without him. And it was the first Time that you saw them blasting. It seemed to have called the First Lady Of The United States, in short, the “Flotus”, of all places, in Africa re-invented. Amid dusty poverty she had relieved. “Shithole countries” to have called her husband the countries at the other end of their world. What an irony, that she liked it here the best!

Egypt. At noon, the Americans had, with the kind support of the Egyptian police the grounds around the pyramids of Cheops and Sphinx areas. Checkpoints were set up, the camels locked up. Eleven Melania Trump landed in Cairo. The streets of the Twelve-million metropolis were car-free, as their 35-car motorcade to the residence of the President Al Sisi and his wife, Intissar chased. The former beauty Queen from Slovenia, moved to Cairo as once Cleopatra in Rome. For an hour the First chatted wife with the Sisi’s about education, health, tourism. Handshakes, photos, ready. USAID is the US Agency that aims to promote development in poor countries, such as Egypt. Trump wanted to abolish it, but, contrary to the instructions Melania found all the projects that you saw, useful. And you said the Sisis also. “You are doing a brilliant Job for our country”, said then, the U.S. press attaché. “The Egyptian Gazette” gushed rather from the casual to the shoulders thrown Ralph-Lauren-Blazer, the Two-Tone shoes from Chanel, the elegant “death on the Nile”-colors of the visitor.

Melania Trump: How to Cleopatra in Rome

Against four of the convoy stopped in front of the Sphinx. The strict smell of the adjacent camel Parking lot was about the scenery, the sun. was already in the haze, as Melania Trump your Chevrolet Suburban is said to have emerged, one of the largest American SUVs Your Look you had completed in the meantime, with a Chanel hat, which gave her something fitzcarraldo-like, you thought you could be a ship over a hill. And then the Sphinx of Giza and the White house for a few minutes in silence stood, until a gust of wind came, which changed everything. Melania Trump and was now a lovely mystery without a function, a Frozen Face with tiger eyes, a woman with simple sentences and an Eastern European accent, in which they parodied, could not get enough. On the steps in front of the beautiful, useless Sphinx Melania Trump made their first official Declaration of independence. You replied to journalists ‘ questions, to Africa, to the controversial judge Kavanaugh, and also to her husband. You said that you had to agree with everything the think and tweet. “I have my own voice and my own opinions,” she said briskly, own voice, own opinion. That you sometimes say: “Put down the phone!” You pointed out that you are, what you do is more important than your wardrobe. In everything you said, and swung at the end of the syllables is always a drink of the Balkans. “Be the Best” is the way a woman Trumps Do, a few months ago, out of the ground fine campaign to support disadvantaged children.

After the short interview, the most private “and most mysterious First Lady flew” of the modern era, such as Katie Rogers of the “New York Times” wrote, then, with head held high and amused Smile at home; and her husband boarded somewhere in America, the Gangway of his “Air Force One” with toilet paper on my Shoe. Then he tweeted something in the style of “you did a great Job for our country. The people love you”. In his speeches he calls them “Mahlanea” tips vowels go him, apparently hard on the lips. Or he doesn’t know any better. When his wife landed the next Morning on the Joint Base, Maryland, contributed a revolution red sweater and fawn ballet flats. Since the 8. November 2016, Melania Trump says you live under the microscope. And the “world’s largest victim of Bullying”. “Bullying” means bullying, tyranny, slander, and bullying. It has to be right?

Until the end, had made all believe that it could be used with the presidency; that he would win the election, never. My God, even in his closest circle, they thought it was a joke. Who chooses a bag of wind? The Journalist Michael Wolff was allowed to romp about at the time, in the environment, and heard: “Trump gave his wife his solemn word: An election victory was simply impossible.” Well, shit happens. During the election campaign they had holed up, more or less, but of course, you had come to your ears, that journalists took their modeling career under the magnifying glass, your U.S. naturalization procedures and operations. As she had to once again hold the mandatory campaign speech at their presidential candidates, had installed the sucker, talk, Talk about writers rates from Michelle Obama’s former speech on Barack. How had mocked the media for this! And also for your accent. “Balkan Barbie,” wrote the star. She felt not only to be constantly humiliated. She was it. The phrase “to get If you need in Washington a friend, get a dog” , came to her mind. You bought yet, no. The journalists had quickly realized that to expect from your great sets would be, so they hoped on the small, the treacherous, the one that would expose him. “Women are like tea bags. You only know how strong you are, if you immersed them in boiling water,” Eleanor Roosevelt. “When they go low, we go high,” Michelle Obama, if the other grip in the bottom box – we stay classy! No, such a rhetorical caliber were of Melania not to be expected. “I stand by my man wants,” she said defiantly, and as the President’s wife she wanted to be “very traditional like Jackie Kennedy”. To the man and how Jackie Kennedy.

The cozy life in New York’s Trump Tower was over, so much of her was on election night, it is already clear. Never more they would be sitting innocently at the Desk, and for a press shoot with their self-created jewels can play. Never easy the escalators of the three-storey New York penthouse on Fifth Avenue down in Manhattan for Lunch stilettos. What had her of the type you 13 years ago, had married, as he was a billionaire into what you just! When, on the evening of 8. November 2016, the Trend for the victory confirmed, Donald J. Trump, as he’d met a Ghost, Michael Wolff reported, and Melania began to sob uncontrollably.

The new Flotus stock the next day to stay with the then ten-year-old son Barron in New York; would have ended up in the school class. In retrospect, a serious mistake! Because while you are now in the New York Townhouse stylists, and designers, to decorated your Donald the White house according to his taste. Obama out of Gold! And the beloved step-daughter, Ivanka, will be in the form of a child, played beside the abandoned dad to the actual First Lady. They received guests, held conferences, consulted the father, sat at the Cabinet table, and your sweet children sang for China’s head of state in Chinese. The 25-member staff from the office of the former First Lady in the East wing wandered now to Ivanka in the West Wing. Melania Trump remained on the brunette’s lips at the end, with the rigid face, and the still prior to the marriage tricked-out super breast in spack-fitting upper. She was compared to Michelle Obama – a single, bitter disappointment. In any case, what concerned the intellectual. Some said, Melania was as little “presidential material” like Donald. Her style, however, your clothes, shoes, bags, Louboutins, and the Kelly-Bags – which seemed to delight the magazines, and they invented on their online pages pictures to make more leaves. In half a year, Mel T. 199 showed different Looks, if she was forced with him. A Dolce Gabbana jacket, which she wore at the G7 summit in the Sicilian town of Taormina, prized experts to 50.000 Euro. Half as expensive as the hotel bill, their subsequent Cairo-Visite. For $ 95,000, the US Embassy had rented in the Hotel “Semiramis” the room, although the First Lady had never had the intention to stay there. Only the label of the massive waste of taxes, dangled still on her skirt hem.


her sugar daddy a heart here in 2004, his daughter Ivanka (l.). It is Melanias 34. Birthday. She is freshly engaged to be married.

©Evan Agostini

the message in the middle of them, even laudatory press summaries of their trip to Africa fell through, registered aufmerksamst your staff. You have to be an Insider, to suspect that intrigue and Ranküne scurrying in the TV series “House of Cards” through the corridors of the White house, but also in the Reality. May Melania had a suspicion, who had launched the hotel bill in the press. Had popped it long before your trip. Mira Ricardel, Deputy National security adviser in the West Wing, was not in fact in the chief plane to Africa to go on the flight, but had to nozzles with your Press corps afterwards. In the East Wing, it was thought apparently: The First Lady does not need a Chaperone over there. By nature, the other saw it differently. The unexpectedly self-conscious determination of the President’s wife felt no less self-conscious national security Advisor, apparently as a humiliation. It should come to be according to strong clashes between the offices of the First and of the Second Lady, so reported it to the Initiated. Who won? Now, the Blonde from the West Wing, it wasn’t! But more on that later.

Melanija Knavs comes in 1970 in an industrial town of the former Yugoslavia to the world. You will be baptized, contrary to the practices of the Communist party, belongs to your father, Catholic. All do, secretly. Shortly after birth, the parents move with Melanija and the older sister in the County town of Sevnica. The mother takes a job as a seamstress in the local garment factory. Father Viktor finds a job as Chauffeur and in addition to shops for the first and only Mercedes in the settlement, and later even to a private house. He is a small Slovenian self-made man. Only he is not as blond as his son-in-law in spe.


Melania Trump has lived with her family in Svenica – 30 years later, she lives in the White house

©Matic Zorman/Polaris love at first bling-Ring

The great theme of the Knavs women’s fashion””. Mother Amalija designs children’s clothes, their daughters to engage in the seasonal operation of fashion shows. “I was five when I ran for the first Time on the Catwalk”, Melania Trump later in an Interview. She paints her face, like she’s the mother of the bastard rigged, goes shopping, and skiing. She dreams of Italy and Paris. But you can not say that she was hooked from the Modeling really. The truth is, she was lacking in motivation, for anything, you showed real commitment. To date, the Slovenian photographer Stane Jerko about it that appeals to you in 1986 at a bus stop surprise – a large, thin girl with huge feet, and the eyes of a tigress. Strange that you couldn’t at the time. He brings her to pose. Carrot fit jeans, the Federal government opened a bit, the cropped, white T-Shirt knotted in the long hair Britney-Spears-on-the-head combined dröselt. “Asi-palm” was the name of the. Melanijas images appear, you Slovenian Face of The Year””. She also wins Contests in Italy, takes part in shows and auditions. The well-known photographer, however, it is too passive, too boring. And your English is a disaster. A single Fumble with a lot of rolling “r” and in the pharynx as it is spoken “h”. She is hard at work, just for nothing really!

no Matter, it’s getting popped. With 26 hits in New York. She has contracts for alcohol and cigarette advertising, for all of what your competitor are too young. Once she disappears for weeks and breast is very heavy. “Had to,” she says, “I wanted to Jobs in Lingerie.” At the time, women like Tyra Banks and Pamela Anderson are in the lingerie sector shall prevail. The for the time being, “biggeste” Deal, Melania Knauss, as they are called now, to state that is a “Camel”display. A gigantic Billboard on Times Square. As I said: for the time being, the biggest Deal!

At a Party at New York’s Kit Kat Club, she meets the real estate Tycoon Donald J. Trump. She is 28, he is 52. “He was very charming,” she said in 2005, in a TV Interview, however, He was not her type. “It was not love at first sight.” Trump made his second marriage with the Californian performer Marla Maples. And the Eastern European beauty from the Kit Kat Club appeared to him, apparently, as an incentive for a new trial. His first marriage with the Czech Model Ivana was after 15 years, three children, a record severance and film divorce Quisquilien history, but the memory of the equally high-spirited as a business-minded Ivana Zelnícková to seems to be positive. Passion must burn – hot like goulash juice. He knew well with Eastern Europeans, on the inside, he had a clever brain to put it in Trumps style. It’s the usual Dating procedure, your number, my number. It adorns. A bit. The engagement he gives her a 1.5 million Dollar Ring. You can see a strong tanned egomaniac is apparently also attractive.


newlyweds: Melania and Donald Trump


Has begun in Melania trump’s Transformation, perhaps even then, as you married him? Were you bored the absent tiger eye-animal at his side, perhaps, only? He revealed in a campaign Interview that they were equal. Whatever the hell that means.

the fact is, after his election as President Melania Trump worked intensively on their “tea Phase”. As a reminder: “Only when you immersed them in boiling water …” she had landed in the hottest water in the world. Melania Trump held back no longer. And its presence grew to the extent that, as do the ambitious step-daughter disappeared. It was tough. She stepped in foot in it, but she looked better than he is. They kissed in Hamburg and Paris state presidents and their wives, but their kisses seemed like an honest joy. She curtsied black spider disguised as a hood network in front of Pope Francis, but Catholic Curtsey seemed real! She pleaded as her President husband to build a wall to Mexico, but they showed empathy for the immigrants. Melania left her husband, took it cold, as the children of the Illegal of their mothers were separated, their press spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, align: “Mrs. Trump hates to see children from their parents to be separated. She believes that we need a country that the law obeys, but it is also a country with a heart governed.” In addition, you have decided on the 21. To travel in June to the limit, to make a picture of the situation.

We do not know whether Melania Trump stayed in the East Wing, or where her husband sleeps, I don’t know. It can be very cool, if its Old in the laces. Hand absorption, ice-watch, stuff like that. The day before your trip, and this is securitised in the securitisation, it shall, he quickly made a decree, that the family separation is reversing, although it is not the wall plans, but at least. She had done everything right. Almost all of it. Because the green jacket was still!

The Sphinx has Power only a flag of Zara (now as a copy for 197,95 Euro available on Ebay), a Parka with a cheeky inscription on the back: “I don’t care – you about?” What a insult here at the border of the suffering! Can be that you just wanted to show the media that they teased for months, a smelly finger. It is more likely that it was stupidity. A GAU! In the Late-Night Shows, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert is no longer Laughing. And certainly not about the hasty statement of the spokesperson, there was “no hidden message”. No, “a hidden message there was” shrieked Colbert in the recorded Studio Fake applause, “it was an absolutely open message!” And then he asked how many consultants for this Disaster probably would have jump over the blade, 30, 40?

no one! Melania Trump has weggelächelt the Jackets scandal just and more. “In my role as First Lady of the United States, I have a single goal – to help children.” So she spoke to reporters in the rose garden. And he’s standing there staring at his tie tip. The mother of a twelve-year-old met with Leaders from Twitter, Facebook and other “tech companies”, as such firms are called in America, to discuss the security in the Internet. “It is already clear to me that you are surprised to talk about it with me,” said the wife of the Twitter king self-ironic way of greeting. Yikes, she has a sense of Humor?

on the night of the 15. November, was in Washington the first snow. Everything seemed peaceful and quiet. Almost six weeks after your exhilarating trip through Africa, the First Lady said, Mira Ricardel “deserve the honor, no longer to be allowed in the White house.” Hours later, the President dismissed the respected Deputy of his security adviser from the office.

The Sphinx comes to life. She has licked. Still In Doubt?


Christmas rounds

Donald Trump visited U.S. troops in Iraq and lying to the soldiers

Donald Trump and his wife Melania have surprised the US units in Iraq with a Christmas visit. The holiday did not deter the President, however, his soldiers lies.

By Marc Drewello

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