In the US budget dispute have made Republicans and Democrats, an agreement in Principle to prevent a new “Shutdown”. The Republican Senator and negotiator Richard Shelby announced, without Details of the agreement. According to congressional staff, the compromise provides for 1,375 billion dollars (approximately EUR 1.2 billion) for the construction of a part of the US President Donald Trump of the required wall on the border to Mexico.

the money could be built, therefore, around 55 miles (89 kilometers) to the wall. These should be carried out in the border region of the Rio Grande valley in the South of the U.S. state of Texas. The White house would have to agree to a Memorandum of understanding.

schedules leaked

Donald Trump, the workhorse of the US President justifies his “boss time”


However, Trump demands for the required boundary wall, a lot more money – $ 5.7 billion (five billion euros). The opposition Democrats are opposed to this decision. The budget dispute triggered a nearly five-weeks long financial blockade, 800,000 of Federal salary received staff.

Donald Trump reiterates call for a wall

The longest Shutdown in U.S. history was on March 25. January due to a between Trump and the Democrats achieved agreement is terminated. The dispute was, however, only provisionally: The approved transition budget is valid until the coming Friday. Until then, a compromise must be achieved, otherwise a new budget threatens to lock.

Trump reiterated on Monday during a visit to the Texas border town of El Paso, his claim to the wall. “We need that wall needs to be built and we want to build quickly,” he told supporters. “Walls save lives, walls save an enormous number of lives.”

With a view to shortly before the negotiators agreement reached between the Republicans and the Democrats, Trump said: “We have probably good news, but who knows?”

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