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Gatwick airport: Suspect hurt Masked after a fault action again (12.41 PM)RWE employees in the hambach forest (11: 43 PM)arrested France well-known Islamists (8.41 PM)more and more children in Germany are at risk of poverty (6.09 PM)Tsunami hits Indonesia (1.20 PM)

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+++ 13.01 PM: Christmas closing spurt couches +++

After rather modest sales in the Christmas business for retailers in Germany, has picked the week before the fourth of Advent. “The business was noticeably better than in the two preceding weeks”, said the chief Executive of the trade Association Germany (HDE), Stefan Genth, in Berlin.

According to an industry survey, half of the larger, and about a third of the smaller establishments with the development of sales in the past week were almost satisfied. In smaller towns, the distributor would have had to fight in numbers, often with low visit. According to HDE figures, nationwide, around 350 companies from all industries and size classes were surveyed.

+++ 12.41 PM: Gatwick airport: Suspect after the drone-noise action again +++

The two arrested in the case of the drones-interfering actions at the London Gatwick airport are free again. You would no longer under suspicion, said on Sunday Jason Tingley of the police in the County of Sussex.

+++ 11: 43 PM: Masked hurt RWE employees in the hambach forest +++

In the hambach forest in North Rhine-Westphalia have attacked Masked a device base of the energy company RWE, and an employee is injured. Around 20 attackers had thrown on Friday evening with sling shots fired and stones on top of the Container, in which vehicles are parked, and the factory would have stopped the protection of employees, police said. A RWE staff had been hit by a stone on the head and to the hospital. Also summoned police officers had been pelted with stones. About the author of the police was also on Sunday.

+++ 10.43 PM: the First tapered seal pup of the season on Juist found +++

Trudi the first taper seal that is maintained in this season in the seal station in the East Frisian North-North dike. The young animal was found two weeks ago on the beach of the island Juist and came in for the first investigations, first in quarantine, a spokesman for the seal protection centre said on Saturday. Over Christmas, the employees want to get Trudi now, to be released later in the freedom.

+++ 10.25 PM: a police investigation for attempted manslaughter after the second League game in Cologne +++

The game of the 2. Soccer-Bundesliga between 1. FC Köln and VfL Bochum on Friday evening, a 24-year-old spectator has been injured in a confrontation with punches and kicks to the head. The police announced on Saturday that it is still in the stadium, a 32-year-old Cologne provisionally arrested. After a Review of video recordings, the Prosecutor’s office in Cologne has opened an investigation for attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily injury, said a statement by the Prosecutor’s office and the police.

Against the 32-Year-old has been a warrant issued, he sits in custody. The arrested is accused, among other things, to have his opponent against the head entered, as this was already on the ground. The victim had been heard, according to the investigators, responsive and already.

+++ 9.39 PM: short-circuit on-Board a Lufthansa plane lands in Hamburg +++

Due to a short circuit in a coffee machine, landed early on Sunday morning a Lufthansa aircraft from Billund (Denmark) non-scheduled at the airport in Hamburg. During the flight on the way to Frankfurt, the crew noticed a slight burning smell in the galley, whereupon one reasons from safety to stopover determined, said a spokesman for the airline. In Hamburg, investigated the use of forces of the fire brigade, then the interior, could give the flyer, however, after a few minutes. Was injured in the incident, no one. The 90 affected passengers were rebooked according to the Lufthansa on alternative flights.

+++ 9.20 am: Hundreds of whales in Russian Bay caught +++

the fate of the in a Bay in the East of Russia captive a good 100 whales remains uncertain. Animal rights activists are demanding that the 90 Belugas and 11 Orcas to be released. “The exact time and the place can only be determined if independent experts and veterinarians have examined the whales,” said a spokesman for the environmental organization Greenpeace, the German press Agency in Moscow. He believe that three of the younger animals were found dead in the “whale jail”.

The complex is located in a Bay on the sea of Japan. Animal rights activists had initially feared that the whales are sold to Chinese aquariums. A court in Primorsky Krai had said this a month ago. According to the whale and Dolphin protection organization of WDC, the pools have been rented in the complex near the port city of Vladivostok of four firms that have been exporting between 2013 and 2016, a total of 15 killer whales (Orcas) to China.

+++ 8.41 PM: France: Islamist after delivery in police custody +++

on The 16th. December in the East African country of Djibouti arrested French Islamist, and Peter Cherif, has been arrested on his arrival in France, in police custody. Cherif, who was in close exchange with the Charlie Hebdo attackers Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, “had fled before the French judiciary,” and will now have to “answer for his actions,” said Minister of the interior, Christophe Castaner in the short message service Twitter.

+++ 7.04 PM: poll: Christmas the Germans prefer to eat at home +++

eat comes to go at Christmas for a majority of the adults in Germany are not out of the question. A representative survey by the opinion research Institute YouGov on behalf of the German press Agency revealed. After that, 43 percent plan, “in no case” on Christmas eve, or the holidays, a visit to a restaurant, 29 percent say that they “tend nott” do. Only 13 percent said “Maybe” or “Yes”. The Rest made no answer.

more strictly, the people in Germany, when it comes to pick up during the Christmas holidays fast food or delivery. “In no case” would do, 56 per cent, 21 per cent “rather not,” only 20 percent (8 percent of “Yes” and 12 percent “Maybe”) take that into consideration.

+++ 6.09 PM: Almost two million children in Germany of poverty +++

threatened increase in The number of poverty children in Germany in the last ten years, from 1.79 to 1.85 million in the past year. In 2005, there were 1.51 million. This is evident from data of the European statistical office, Eurostat, on the Left-deputies Sabine Zimmermann has pointed out.

As the at risk of poverty households apply with less than 60 per cent of median income. The proportion of Under-16-Year-olds in these households, about 14.7 percent, increased from 11.6 per cent in 2005, in 2008 to 17.2 percent in 2010. Then the proportion decreased with fluctuations to 15.1 percent in 2017. The Social and family expert, Zimmermann told the German press Agency: “to feel, Especially Christmas, many of the children that they have to grow up in conditions of poverty.” For poor parents, it was much harder to give their children a nice Christmas.

+++ 5.19 PM: Russia: Nine Dead in fire at potash mine +++

The fire in a potash mine in Russia, nine workers have died. Their bodies were recovered from different parts of the tunnel, as the authorities of the Perm Region, and rescue workers said, according to Russian media. The mine is located in Solikamsk, about 1200 kilometers away from Moscow.

on Saturday in 340 metres and depth of the outbreak of fire had cut off the men on the way back from the Mine. Due to high temperatures and heavy smoke, the rescue could not penetrate the forces in time to reach them. A total of 17 workers were in the mine when the fire broke out, only eight of them were able to escape unharmed. The authorities opened an investigation for possible violations of the safety regulations.

+++ 5.05 PM: the number of passengers in the Bus and rail has increased at a rate +++

The number of passengers in buses and trains has risen in German cities this year, again slower. The Association of German transport companies attributed to at 10.38 billion customer trips this year. That would be another record, but only 0.6 percent more than in 2017, as the Association of the German press told the Agency. In the past year, the growth was at 1.5 percent in the previous year at 1.7 percent.

“An increase is always a good result. Especially if it takes place at this high level,” said Association President Ingo Wortmann. “Nevertheless, the current development shows that we are encountering due to capacity constraints and the extensive construction work on boundaries.”

+++ 3.57 PM: Shutdown in the US, probably until after Christmas, + + + questions & answers

government business

standstill before Christmas – What is the “Shutdown” in the USA means


The partial government shutdown shops in the USA will probably last until after Christmas. The U.S. Senate began its next regular meeting for the coming Thursday. Thus, it is considered likely that the law, it is only after Christmas to a formal decision on a budget – which would end the so-called Shutdown of Parts of the US government. A prerequisite for a substantive agreement between the government of U.S. President Donald Trump and the opposition Democrats is anyway. So far both sides but unyielding in the dispute over the financing of a wall on the border to Mexico – what is the reason for the escalation.

+++ 2.37 PM: the number of Tsunami dead rising +++

The death toll after the Tsunami in Indonesia has risen to new information, to 43. In addition, almost 600 people were injured, a spokesman for the civil protection authority announced in the Morning. The coast of affected areas to the North and South of the Sundastraße well-known Strait between the Islands of Sumatra and Java.

According to the Indonesian Agency for Geophysics, the cause was probably an outbreak in the Sundastraße-lying volcano Anak Krakatau, the under water landslide. Thus, the Eruption occurred on Saturday night at 21.03 PM (local time), 24 minutes later, the Tsunami had taken on the country.

+++ 2.05 PM: expert: Mafia has to Hire more influential in Germany than many people think +++

the construction and waste: The Italian Mafia has been known according to the German-Italian journalist Sandro Mattioli significantly more influence on the German daily life than in the past. “You can be affected by organised crime, without knowing it,” he told the German press Agency DPA. Rents increased, for example, among other things, “because organized crime in the high style of investing money in real estate, and washes”.

It is fatal, and belittling, talking only about the Mafia, when she was part of the police actions or with a view to individual threats. “What the Mafia is doing here, is not without consequences for each Individual,” said the expert.

In a nationwide Anti-Mafia crackdown were on 5. December, especially in North Rhine-Westphalia, numerous homes have been searched and Suspects arrested. They are classified as the most powerful mafia group ‘Ndrangheta. You band of moderate cocaine trafficking and fraud, amounting to millions of accused.

+++ 1.20 am: Tsunami hits Indonesia +++

disaster after a volcanic eruption

Indonesia: Tsunami kills at least 222 people – no references to German victims


came In the case of a Tsunami disaster on Indonesia’s coast, according to the authorities at least 20 people were killed. As the disaster protection authority in the country announced on the night of Sunday, was mainly affected the area around the Strait between the Islands of Sumatra and Java.

+++ 0.21 o’clock: the Last surviving fighters of the Warsaw uprising is dead +++

The last surviving fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising is dead. Simcha Rotem died at the age of 94 years in Israel, told Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on Saturday. The President recalled the commitment of the Jewish resistance fighter against the Nazis and praised him as a champion for humanity. Red was one of the few Ghetto residents who survived the uprising of 1943.

hundreds of Jewish resistance fighters charged at the 19. April 1943 in the Warsaw Ghetto against the German Nazi occupiers. They waged a desperate fight, which ended four weeks later with the brutal repression by the occupying forces. Thousands of Ghetto residents were killed during the uprising, most of the Survivors were later gassed in the extermination camp of Treblinka. Red was able to escape with some Mitkämpfern through the sewers.

tkr / DPA / AFP

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