“The organisers reserve the right to make use of their in-house use and people, the extreme right-wing parties or organizations belonging to the extreme right-wing scene are unique to or are already in the past by racist, nationalist, nationalistic, anti-Semitic or other inhuman Statements in appearance are entered, the access to the event to deny or exclude.”

it says So in the announcement for the performance of the Monty Python classic “life of Brian” in the Dresden Filmtheater Schauburg. The youth club of red tree e. V. rents on the Morning of the 24. Track December, traditionally in the cinema hall, together with friends and members on the canvas, the involuntary way of Brian as the Messiah.

Protest against the cinema-visit to the AfD-politician

Around 400 guests attended this year, including a uninvited: Jens Maier, member of the German Bundestag, the Alternative for Germany (AfD). After protests of the rest of the visitors he had to leave the cinema quickly. The managing Director of the Association, Tilo Kiessling, and the politicians themselves confirm it according.

“is That your mesh”

Boris Becker’s son was abused as a “half-nigger” – now the Tennis Star attacked the AfD


Maier sees himself now as a victim of the “totalitarian rule claims to the ideologies of the great dictatorships of the 20th century. Century,” the “extreme Left from the red-red-green corner” and complained of an intolerance of the “supposedly Tolerant”.

The Association has defended the expulsion of members of Parliament vehemently. “It is obvious that Jens Maier and we have completely different settings. In order to prevent further provocations, we have finally made our house right,” said the red-tree-staff and organizer of the screening of the film, Alexander Bernstein, the “Dresdner Latest news”. “There is no public political discussion is, rather, a Christmas family.” The action account of the “HOPE – fight racism” in Dresden, wrote on Twitter, Maier said at the movies: “Now, show me how tolerant you are!”

staging for the election campaign?

In a Statement, Tilo Kiessling, the club’s managing Director to submit, in: Maier was a man of the youth wanted the Association to its events. The deputies belong to one party, the “exploit as a Predator,” the institutions of our democracy env oak, “always ready, every weakness. She continues to jump, to destroy our Republic, the ‘System’, as they call it,”. Maier know the range of the tolerance, which may raise reasonable people and to place himself beyond it.

the AfD-politician is not at the Christmas party of a self as a “left” refer to the Association desirable, he would be able to know – at the latest after the note in the announcement of the event that persons are noticed by racist, nationalist, nationalistic, anti-Semitic or other inhuman Statements, can be excluded. Critics Maier precisely such Statements: three examples:

in 2017, he expressed understanding for the Norwegian right-wing extremist and mass murderer Anders Breivik.About Maier’s Twitter Account, Noah Becker, son of tennis legend Boris Becker, has been reviled in January as a “half-nigger”. An employee of Maiers for the Tweet responsible.In a speech, he spoke of the “Propaganda and re-education, the want to convince us that Auschwitz would be virtually the result of the German history” and said that “this cult should be terminated”.

Some supporters of the red tree e. V. is suspected on the Facebook page of the Association that Maier wanted to provoke the expulsion aware of in order to stage a good eight months before the Saxon Landtag election in the victim role. And the movie did him may the Favor.

Maier certainly uses the uproar in a Posting already for the election campaign: “The municipal and Parliament elections in 2019 state of Saxony, Germany, therefore also to the destiny choice for our liberal-democratic basic order. It is mainly the voters of Red, think Red-Green,” he writes.

red-tree-managing Director, Kiessling says: “You do not need to endure the enemies of democracy. You can no, no, no, you have to tell you that you are undesirable.”

sources: event announcement, statement red tree e. V., Jens Maier in the case of Facebook, “Dresdner neueste Nachrichten”, “der Tagesspiegel”


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