The AfD in the Bundestag, Petr Bystron has taken on a service trip to South Africa, the extreme right-wing group Suidlanders and a common shooting training completed. This service trip was paid for by the Bundestag, reported to the ARD policy magazine “Report Mainz”. The Chairman of the AfD in the foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag, confirmed to the magazine, his participation in the shooting training. The Suidlanders are a Protestant-inspired Association of White with a penchant for weapons and, with a clear racist tendency.

AfD Deputy Bystron says “I felt that …”

From the SPD and the Greens came heavy criticism. The Deputy Chairman of Bundestag Thomas Oppermann wrote on Twitter, if Bystron’ve really participated in a shooting training, that would be a case for the protection of the Constitution. “And it seems to have been his last business trip.” The Green Britta Haßelmann said: “The AfD can not do it seriously as if you had nothing to do with racism.” The service trip with shooting a monster, crying out for enlightenment is practice””.

Bystron self-declared “Report Mainz,” he had no fear of contact with the Suidlanders. This is an organization of the civil society in South Africa. “I felt that this is an organization of predominantly white farmers, who are afraid for their lives and organize themselves in order to survive, should it come to the worst-case scenario.”

in Germany, Too, has made the AfD already shooting exercises. Members of the young Alternative (JA) of the district Association Cologne, met at a shooting range in the Rhein-Erft-Kreis and has been trained by a circle chief.

Before his controversial trip to the AfD of the Bundestag, Bystron has catered Often for headlines. He praised about the Identitarian movement as a “great Organisation, a front organisation of the AfD” and was reprimanded for it by the Federal Executive. A sexism scandal has triggered Bystron with a statement about a party, friend: On the AfD-party conference in Hanover in December 2017, told Corinna Miazga, what had said Bystron on you dancing women as they should “it’s better on a pole”.

Suidlanders, as a victim of the next anti-white civil war is

expect The Suidlanders, that in South Africa, a Revolution breaks out – as the unspoken reason for the demise of fantasies of the group seems to be the democratically elected and Black-dominated government. You are the victim of the next anti-white civil war.

There are no reliable data on the number of members of the group, estimates of a few Thousand active members. The group itself speaks of tens of thousands. The members come mainly from the Afrikaans-speaking minority of South Africa – the minority that was needed to Overcome the racist Apartheid regime in 1994.

The South African government since last year promoted the expropriation of white land owners without compensation is water on the mills of the small groups of extremists in South Africa. When, finally, in August, US President, Donald Trump tweeted about the fate of the allegedly persecuted white farmers in South Africa, went online a cheering scream through the ranks of the extremists.

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