For more climate protection in the transport speaks of a government Commission on proposals such as speed limits on motorways, higher diesel taxes and a quota for electric cars.

It is, however, a first proposal, “with no Preconceptions connected”, as it says in the paper from the beginning of December. He serves only as a “first orientation”, as the traffic could be a target for the Saving of carbon dioxide (CO2) by 2030. The effect of other measures will be calculated.

The “mirror” had reported that the working group for the climate protection within the “National platform for future mobility” wool to propose a speed limit of 130 kilometres per hour and higher taxes on Diesel. “The above measures are taken from a working paper from the December and are completely incoherent and striking out been withdrawn”, it said on Friday from the Commission. The paper is also the German press Agency.

The working group had initially intended to submit by the end of 2018’s proposals, a concept should be up by the end of March. Background the climate protection targets of the German government until 2030 for the different sectors, such as energy, buildings and transport. The CO2 emissions in the transport is not decreased in the past few years.

In the Commission of representatives of different interests, including IG Metall, the ADAC, the German industrial Association BDI, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn, the Association of cities and environmental organisations such as Nabu and FEDERAL seats. In the discussions, it is not about social issues – for example, a burden on lower and middle incomes.


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