It looks at first glance as a picture, which was edited with an App. An App where you can be face to Litfaßsäulel, a magazine cover or a book cover. But this photo is real. It is the Declaration of love of a wealthy real estate Moguls from New York.

The 81-year-old Harry Macklowe had a twelve by seven meters, large portrait of himself and one of his newly wedded wife, Patricia Landeau on the side of a belonging to a skyscraper right in the middle of Manhattan, hanging.

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Declaration of love in the mirror: So embarrassing the last Challenge

was He thought that as a “proclamation of love,” said Macklowe, the New York Times. “Because I didn’t get married in the summer in the Hamptons, I was able to rent a plane towing a Poster behind and to the coast and is due to depart. So I thought to myself: “I own a building. Why I’m not just a Poster on my building?””

Ex-wife wanted to be in the skyscraper

Also, the portraits that now hang on what is currently the second tallest skyscraper in New York had succeeded, in his view. “My wife looks beautiful and I love the photo of me.”

piquant Detail of the matter: Before his wedding with Landeau in the past week, real estate Mogul Macklowe had been married for more than 50 years, Linda Macklowe. About the Details of the divorce, had a fight two weeks before the court. Linda Macklowe had actually already signed a contract for the purchase of an apartment in the 78. Floor of the skyscraper, which is now the portrait of the new wife of her husband. A court gave her the right under this contract to get out.

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