It is a story that can not think up would have been nice: Before his death, the 87-year-old Ken Watson from Wales, Packed in a total of 14 Christmas gifts for his little neighbor Cadi. Up to the age of 16. The age of you can now rejoice in the gifts of the deceased husband.

No wonder that Cadis parents, Owen and Caroline Williams, are moved to tears. Short-hand to share the story on Twitter. To do this, you write: “Our old neighbor died recently. His daughter came over a few moments ago with a large plastic bag. All the Christmas gifts he bought for our daughter for the next 13 years.”

In another Tweet, Owen Williams corrected himself: There are 14 gifts, not 13 total.

At this point, could be the end of the story. However, Cadis parents want to tell the world of Ken Watson. So you describe the deceased’s neighbours as a way of life joyfully. He had always dreamed to be 100 years old. And this time, Watson would have known for sure to start things: he was already a rescue diver, a sailor, a carpenter and a Baker.

Ken Watson loved life

In addition, the Deceased apparently loved the thrill: Williams shared an article in which the then-85-year-old Ken Watson to see the Wingwalking. A Person is attached to, in this case, Watson, during a flight on the wing.

Christmas 2018

These albums belong under the Christmas tree


Cadi can look forward to in the coming years, about a very special gift under the tree. Your parents have decided that she gets all the gifts at once. Such a cute Christmas tradition is born in the house of Williams: In the next 14 years, there are “a gift from Ken.” Owen and Caroline Williams himself, however, weren’t made out of iron. A gift you have opened already. A children’s plastic-wrapped book.

And Ken Watson, not the way it is. In the comments under the Tweet, a user wrote: “people like Ken never die, because they leave an impression on people and can never be erased.”

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