In Rostock jumped on Wednesday evening, a 24-year-old kühlungsborn from the balcony, because he wanted to take a shortcut to the supermarket. The incident is said to have shortly before the load occurred end 21 at an apartment in the first floor of a multi family house in the district Schmarl. The Hamburg “Mopo”.

Before his daring jump, the young man is said to have consumed together with friends to have alcohol in the apartment. The “Morgenpost” reported that he had taken, apparently spontaneously, decided to go in the opposite “net” shopping. Until closing four minutes remained to him.

Hong Kong, China

a woman of the falling window

Actually, killed enough time to get from the first floor through the staircase to the outside. Not for the young man. To save time, the way he decided to look for the ultimately painful. Friends looked after “Mopo”-information to be appalled at how he jumped from a balcony, to quickly reach the supermarket.

Reckless, indeed, serious injuries

The man fell several meters in depth, and drew upon the impact of severe leg injuries. His friends were, fortunately, quickly to alert the emergency call. The emergency physician confirmed then a two-sided leg fracture. As a result of the severe injuries, the 24-year-old is now in the hospital and is recovering.

source: “Hamburger Morgenpost”


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