almost three months Ago, a brutal violent crime that rocked the small town of Barron in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The police to find the middle of October, a 56-year-old man and his 46-year-old woman dead in her house. The couple was executed with shots from a shotgun literally. The 13-year-old daughter of the couple found the officials. And, although the emergency call has been transmitted just before, probably from your phone. The girl remained also disappeared in the days that followed. A nationwide search was unsuccessful. The investigators believed that the murderer of their parents would have to have you deported. And this Thesis seems to be true now.

No Connections to the family

Because the girl showed up on Thursday, in a surprise move, about 90 kilometres away in the even smaller Gordon, the police announced. In one of the forest huts dominated settlement, she ran through the forest, something that came easy shoes to skinny and much to big, but basically fine. The 13-Year-old asked a passerby for help, calling in the police. Apparently, the escape from one of the huts was self-managed. There you’ve held on to the man that had killed your parents, gave you to log.


In this cabin in the woods kept the 21-Year-old victim first investigation, according to months trapped

©Aaron Lavinsky/the Star Tribune, REUTERS

The add called the police to handle the described a man a little later in his car. Apparently, he drove around and searched for his victim. He was immediately arrested. In the case of the alleged murderer and kidnapper is a 21-Year-old, who police have so far been able to find no Connections to the family of the victim. Three years ago, he once worked for exactly one day in the same meat factory, like the two Murdered people, but have had no contact to them.

child abduction as a motive for Murder suspects

The police believe that he was after from the beginning to the girl and the fact I planned it. So he should have shaved off the hair, to leave as little trace as possible on the scene of the crime. The parents he killed, therefore, is to kidnap the child. In the hut in Gordon, which belongs, according to media reports, the father of the Suspect, found investigators several weapons, including the alleged murder weapon, a shotgun.


shot and killed their parents, she disappears without a trace. Now Jayme Closs showed up again

The 21-Year-old to live there for around 15 years. According to the “” separated parents in 2008, and moved away a few years ago from Gordon. The Suspect and his brother had stayed then alone in the hut. Whether this currently lives there, too, is not yet known. The authorities see no indication yet that the brother could be involved in the crime.

police known the Suspect is not. Only three years ago, he has graduated from High School, is currently unemployed. In various US media reports, he is described by former teachers as a “quiet student”, they could barely remember. Apparently, he also led a very unremarkable life. Several neighbors reported to US media, to know neither him nor his family at all.

Rescued a child now in the care of her aunt,

The rescued girl is currently with his aunt. Wrote on Facebook that her niece had a sleep in and what a nice feeling to know you are back in your area. “As a family we want to through the healing process with her,” she writes.

What exactly has happened in the past three months in the hut, the authorities made no information. The Sheriff of Barron County, said at the press conference on demand, he did not know whether the young girl was abused by her tormentors sexually abused. This would show the interviews in the coming days. The 21-Year-old is scheduled to appear on Monday for the first time before the court. He is so far accused of two counts of murder and child abduction.

sources: Barron County Sheriff’s Department, “”, “Star Tribune”, “the Daily Beast”

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