The Slovenian police in the throws of a young woman, to have deliberately Hand sawed off, in order to cheat their insurance. The 21-Year-old had a Hand severed in a together with at least one Related-contrived Plan above the wrist with a circular saw. Then Relatives would have driven you to the hospital and claimed that she was injured while sawing wood by mistake. The report, among other things, the British BBC, Euronews, and the “Independent” citing a press conference of the investigator.

according to The Reports, the young woman and a 29-year-old Relative as a result of the allegations currently in police custody. In the case of a verdict of two up to eight years would face the threat of prison. Accordingly, the young woman had completed only shortly before the incident, a highly doped accident insurance. In the event of damage around 400,000 euros, would you, therefore, directly to, as well as a monthly pension of around 3000 Euro.

Slovenia: Hand-could

be sewn “With one of their accomplices, they amputated intentionally your Hand above the wrist with a circular saw, in the hope to make it look like an accident”, said a police official in the Report. Originally, the police had arrested two other members of the in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, living in the family, you will be free again.


insurance fraud

TV for the world Cup broken? Insurance investigator explains how brazenly cheat customers

By Daniel Bakir

According to police, the family would have the severed part of the body deliberately left, as we drove the young woman to the hospital. The injury-related disability should be permanent, so the alleged calculus. The authorities had made a dash through the bill and Hand in a timely fashion, that they could be sewn in the hospital again. Whether and how the function of the body part is restricted, is not known.

sources: BBC / Euronews / “Independent”


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