the crime on the quiet Baltic sea island of Usedom had the horror triggered – the police have taken four weeks after the violent death of a young woman in Zinnowitz on Usedom two Suspects. The 19 and 21-year-old men from the small town to Maria K. in the night to 19. March in your Zinnowitz apartment have killed.

A well-Known she had found at the time, Mary’s body had stab wounds. Since then, police and residents wondered who is responsible for the death of the young woman responsible. The arrested were the police, according to Acquaintances of Mary. Both were German.

Suspect come from the circle of Mary

Sascha Ott, Deputy head of the Stralsund Prosecutor’s office, said, to Known the Suspects, the police on the trail of the two men. You captured the Details of the fact would have given the price. When the police interviewed the well-Known, they would have led you to the Suspect. “That was information that could only have been a perpetrator,” said Ott. He is currently, rather, that it was murder and not manslaughter.

“of Each note can useful found to be”

18-Year-old on the island of Usedom, found dead in apartment – police are hoping witnesses


Against the 21-Year-old had already been on Monday to issue arrest warrant, on Tuesday morning he was arrested. “In one of the first spontaneous utterances, he gave a note to the other suspects,” said Ott. Thereupon the officers arrested the 19-Year-olds to provisionally Ott, already due to Violence in their appearance. Both were questioned and the custody judge.

Zinnowitz’ mayor Peter Usemann (voter community) took very relieved about. “We had expected a quick success,” he said. As the materialize, would have set a lot in place already to be a long fight, or even to the fact that the offender is never found, he said. Interior Minister Lorenz Caffier (CDU) thanked the investigators for their work and the population for information.

grief on the island of Usedom

The police investigation had been difficult at first. Riot police scoured empty, the environment of the apartment several times with dogs to the tracks, and the murder weapon, glass containers, and searched the garbage cans. But without success, the murder weapon they found. More than 150 people from the environment of Mary had been heard and phone connections, and social media is evaluated. In this, Mary was very active and had built up a large Online circle of friends. The variety introduced by the investigators before the challenges, the interviews dragged on.

Two weeks after the fact, 70 Zinnowitzer Maria had thought of in a worship service. “It has not always been easy, but she was on a good path,” had mayor Usemann said in a halting voice. Maria had been a part of Zinnowitz, no matter how long you are in the place I lived. She was drawn according to her mother four years ago from Stralsund to the island – and in the third month pregnant when she was killed, as the mother reported at the end of March, the “Ostsee-Zeitung”. The Prosecutor’s office did not want to comment on this, since so far no connection to the fact was apparent.

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