What probably should be a joke, came in the U.S. state of Texas to a fatal accident. As USA Today reported, a 14-Year old on Tuesday afternoon, an illegal trip in a SUV, in the back seat, two friends of the same age, and threw sat oncoming cars with eggs. As another car began to follow the Minors, accelerated the 14-Year-old, ignored a red light and collected a Pick-Up Truck. The driver died at the scene, as the competent Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

The teenagers ‘polluter pays’ has been accused of the murder and in the youth prison. In the accident he broke his ankle.

man to young people with a shot gun followed

The tracker of the young people had a semi-automatic firearm in Hand, might have prompted the driver to the reckless pace. It is speculated whether the man works with the police. He has now been identified and interrogated loaded.

The 45-year-old victim, however, according to the Sheriff’s completely innocent. In a Tweet, he said that the woman probably came straight from the shop. Appropriate items ring layers of your destroyed car. Gonzalez said the woman’s family his condolences. The ABC presenter Shelley Childers posted a Video of the deceased, who leaves behind two children and four grandchildren.

sources: USA Today, Twitter Accounts by Ed Gonzalez and Shelley Childers


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