the New chief lobbyist at the German chemical company Bayer is since the new year, of all things, a former Green member of the German Bundestag. For 13 years, Matthias Berninger has made for the environmentally-party politics, since the beginning of the year, he is head of the Department “Public and Governmental Affairs”, based in Washington.

Actually, his party, the Greens, has for many years made strong against his new employer. A particular concern for many years: glyphosate and its dangers. Bayer is at the latest since the incorporation of Monsanto, this issue is particularly important. It is a question of billions.

Exactly for this plant protection product Matthtias Berninger to advertise now, among other things, strong in the policy. The 47-Year-old said in his new function in the future, directly to the Chairman of the Board of the Bayer group, Werner Baumann.


Felicitas Rohrer

pills lawsuit against Bayer: “From this point on, I was clinically dead,”

Ilona Kriesl Matthias Berninger, the former top man in the Green

The Hesse Berninger moved in 1994 as the youngest member of all times for the Greens in the Bundestag. 23 years old, he was old and a short time later, the higher education spokesman for the party. As a result, the studied chemistry and politics teacher sat all the 13 years in Parliament.

in 2001, he became Secretary of state under the declared Bayer-critic Renate Künast to the Ministry for consumer protection and agriculture. He comes from the of the Realo wing of the Greens, he was also a part of the “Pizza Connection”, a loose circle of young MEP of the Greens and the CDU, the paved with red wine and Pasta to the later red-green government the way. Berninger was from 2005 to 2007, economic policy spokesman of the Bundestag group of the Greens.

at the end of 2006, the red-green government under former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder in the knee. As a result, the green Realo announced, like many other Green politicians, who did not want to go in the Opposition, the renunciation of his mandate and left politics.

The liberal Realo went into business

Berninger, a pupil of Joschka Fischer, went into business. Not a huge Surprise, as he was during his time in the party as an economic liberal. In the future, he would improve for Mars Incorporated, the company’s reputation in Europe. The company manufactures chocolate bars, food, drinks and plant care products. The Job as a “Director of Corporate Health and Nutrition” had it since 2007, after all, for over ten years. He moved in the United States – and may now remain in its new Position there, however, he moved to Washington D. C..

Berninger explained some of the companion via E-Mail, according to the world last week its latest step: “How can the world feed within its planetary boundaries in 2050, almost ten billion people, is a question that Worries me”, it says: “In my new role I hope to be able to make a modest contribution to tackle this challenge.”

Now he is the head of “Public and Governmental Affairs Bayer AG. Even the PR Department of the chemistry of the group didn’t know quite how they should, of all things, this man, now announce: “Three hours we have pondered now, which is the original Tweet us to think of this person and then decided: it is better objectively. Therefore, only The right man at the right time in the right place! Welcome, Matthias Berninger!”, wrote the public workers of the group on Twitter.

Whether Berninger is also a member of the Greens, is still unclear. In the directories, no exit to discover.

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